LOTRO Players News Episode 155: The Pineleaf Countdown for Real


This week Branick guests to debut the Pineleaf Countdown app and we talk about the new raid coming with Update 18.2.

Game News

LOTRO In-Game Store Subscription Update

Full Raid Run – Update 18.2 Beta Preview

New Stable-Masters Collections Panel – Update 18.2 Beta

1.1 Million LOTRO Accounts Possibly Hacked In 2013

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LOTRO Players News

Pineleaf Countdown Is Really Real

Community Events: June 17th-23rd

Poll: Are You Excited About the New Raid?

LOTRO Academy: 127 – The Burglar

Annals of the Free Folk: Falcon

[SPOILERS] The Grey Company Part 1: The Rangers

[SPOILERS] The Grey Company Part 2: The Fate of the Company

Small LOTRO Adventures – Episode 57: More Stores for Stoors

The Family Line Part 95

Letters to my Brother Pt. 2

Critters Journey Part 28


New Player Question

Let’s review destiny points.





  • I learned that no matter the circumstance, Dwarven women do NOT like to be mistaken for elves… EVER.



  • Raiding and YouTubing and wardening (oh my!)



  • Played LOTRO with Mom, she discovered all the low points of the Spring Festival.



  • Got my cappy to 70, trying out the joys of yellow line



  • Watched a wizard help a king take care of an advisor in an epic sort of way



  • I got BEERS!



  • On Landroval, my minstrel started in Mirkwood. Decided to level to get Clarinetist title.


News Beyond LOTRO

Middle-earth Video Highlights: The Lay of Nimrodel


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Featured Comments

Jonathan Greer (Vertagk) left a comment on last week’s LPN:

So…what’s with all the elf hate? I actually like elves. In fact, Elrond was always one of my favorite characters from The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings. Yes, elves as a race do have a tendency towards the vice of arrogance. But all people groups have their vices. Man’s susceptibility to corruption? Dwarven gold-lust? Even hobbits can be gossips and snobbish, not to mention thieves (Sackville-Baggins, anyone?).

The fact that elves tend towards arrogance actually makes a lot of sense. Arrogance is a favorite vice amongst the scholarly and learned. Even the Bible mentions this tendency when it says that knowledge “puffs up.” This is something that I’ve encountered in my own life as an amateur scholar. I was humbled when my wife had to point out that I got a bit haughty when discussing more academic matters. I was ashamed to have to admit that she was right, and is something that I have tried to counter ever since.

Since the elves are immortal beings, one consequence would be their ability to accumulate vast amounts of knowledge. No wonder they tend to view the other races more like children! Of course, this doesn’t excuse such behavior. We must all fight to overcome our shortcomings. And personally, I think that there are plenty of good elven characters. For every stuck-up elven snob, I bet you could find a valiant warrior who fights the shadow out of altruistic reasons.

So let’s all be like Legolas and Gimli who put aside their assumptions and actually got to know each other and learned respect and friendship.

…or maybe I’m wrong and the elves really are just arrogant jerks…:)

Oh, and Pineleaf…don’t worry. The character I contacted you with was a pre-existing character on Brandywine, and I don’t play Burglars, so no hiding in the shadows and stalking here. 🙂


Bellcaunion writes:

Dear Lotro Players,
After last weeks “elves suck” episode I feel that someone needs to give some pros and perspectives for elves.

1. In the game, we fight evil dwarves and evil men.  I, however, don’t ever remember fighting evil elves. (orcs don’t count)

2.  When men first came into Beleriand it was Finrod Felegund ( an elf) who welcomed and began sharing knowledge with them.

3.  You wouldn’t expect someone from WWI to fight in a war today, they would be far to old. Elves on the other hand have fought in war after war after war.  In most cases it’s the same elves doing the fighting.  It’s bound to wear on anyone.

4.  Elves keep helping men even though men keep failing them.  Betrayed in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears.  Shunned and hated by most of Numenor.  And lastly when victory over Sauron was close Isildur kept the ring.

5.  Elves are forgiving.  Dwarves killed one of the great elven kings.  The elves still had a friendship with the dwarves of Moria as evidenced by the inscription on Moria’s door.  Speak friend and enter.

6.  Elrond may stay in his library a lot but he has good reason.  He is collecting knowledge for future generations of men.  I have to imagine that after countless generations of men asking the same questions he figured it was easier to put it in a library.

7.  In the elven intro Elrond one shots a troll with a long range sword skill I would love to have.

8.  Elves gave Numenor the white tree and the palantiri.

Sure elves can seem stuck up but most of them were around when mans great great great great great great great grandparents were kids.  So yeah to them, all men are like children.

I have one last point.  In a recent poll elves were the top played race.  That means that all those elves are running around trying to save Middle-earth.  So they deserve a little more respect.

P..S.  Pro for the elves.  They’re elves.

Love the show keep up the good work

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  1. Bellcaunion /

    I so didn’t mean for my email/opinion to seem hostile in any way. You guys are all great.
    And I have seen a few handrails in Moria.

  2. Thimbur /

    Hmm… evil elves. I can think of one possible candidate in Lotro.

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