LOTRO Players News Episode 167: Poll of Bitter Tears


This week we talk about character transfer changes.

Game News

Turbine Point Character Transfers Coming to LOTRO

Character Transfer Tokens Missing

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: September 9th-15th

Poll: Do You Want Another LOTRO Expansion?

Critters Journey [39] Food Fight

New Player Question

What is the best strategy for scolding drunk hobbits at the Farmers Faire?





  • Tested out TP farming with a disposable character



  • Discovered was a fun thing it is to use the Saber Cat* in Red line on Lore-Master, burn, freeze, slash. *Cats get dmg boost in red line.



  • Successfully champion-tanked the Volume 3 quest instance up at Nar’s Peak, got knocked off the troll bridge about 3 times and didn’t lose aggro!



  • Finally finished recording my LOTRO Epic Story Volume 3 series!



  • My Beorning reached Minas Tirith. I finally found the easiest way to reach the culverts. Of course, I am unlikely to remember this the next time I need to go there.


News Beyond LOTRO

Cubicle 7’s Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide Now Available


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