Season’s Greetings From Turbine?


Yesterday Coldblue posted on the official forums a very curious little post :


Season’s Greetings!

Hey everyone!

With the Holiday Season around the corner, you never know what Customer Service might find lying around the office to let our Fans know how much we appreciate them. As such, it’s a good idea to make sure the mailing address on your account is up to date.

To update your address, log into the My Account website here with the same username and password that you use to enter the game. Then, click on ‘Account Profile’ at the top on the page, and enter the information under ‘Mailing Address’.



Let me be the first to say “WHAT WHAT WHAT?”

What in the world is going on here? are they going to send all Christmas cards? Turbine Points Card? Just a ploy to sign us for Junk mail? I find this very very odd indeed.. I don’t know if they are just trying to get get some positive PR with the Bugginess of Update 15, or they really do plan on sending something?


I can’t recall this ever happening before. Many of you know I’m also a DDO Player so I checked over on those forums and there is nothing like this post over there.. so this seems to be just a LOTRO thing.
What do you think this could mean?



  1. Well if LOTRO wants to do that for christmas can they pay off my student loans, give me a warden port to Angmar and a mac bullroarer client. Much love, me from Canada

    This week for lotro has been a case of the whaaaaaat’s?!?!

  2. Byrcha of Landroval /

    They already know what we want for the holidays, and it isn’t cards or points. Fix the music system. New Yule Festival horses (no blankets!), new Yule Festival clothing (no robes!). Those would be a good start anyway.

  3. Amenhir /

    If I had to venture a guess I would expect some special title or in game cosmetic that you’ll never want to wear. The odds of it being anything of significance is slim to none.

  4. I look forward to whatever it could be. Thats a sweet gesture.

  5. Please fix the music system! That’s all I want for Christmas.

  6. Draculetta /

    I think most people are missing the fact, they asked for your MAILING address. Not your EMAIL address..

    So they seem to want to mail you something as in your SNAIL MAIL.

  7. If its MAILING address, it is probably a US only gift and if not, I expect the customs in Argentina will be getting it as they stop almost all my post… modern day piracy…really!

    • Other than that a great IDEA 🙂

    • Draculetta /


      Hey everyone!

      When you are making these changes, make sure you are using either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Other browsers may experience errors.

      Also being overseas shouldn’t be a problem, so don’t worry about that.

      Looking forward to spreading some holiday cheer!



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