LOTRO Players News Episode 238: Velocity of Chickens off Minas Tirith

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This week we had a guest and discussed chicken play.

Game News

Executive Producer Severlin on upcoming class balance work

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LOTRO Family Chicken Run Marathon


New Player Question

How does the Chicken Run actually work? Where would you pick up the session play, what are Chicken Tenders, is it level specific, etc?




  • First ever Doomfold Farmer and Cook.
  • Sans’s alt Calondrian (RK) and my main Cyndarina can 1 shot spiderlings in Lhingris.


  • A LOTRO first for Maven: my hunter has completed all the Mordor deeds (except one: the scourges, which will take a bit)
  • Wynny the Pew, my Beorning, is now 112, and has been fitted out with her ash armor. Also I’m beginning to remember how to play the OP furball
  • Attended Raid School with Yoke of PLOI. Experimented on Giant Wing of Helegrod to try different strategies with various classes. Most informative, and a highly recommended exercise.



  • Burned through a bunch of Mithril Coins working on Volume 1 on my Aria’d LM.
  • Attempted the session play for the elf allegiance twice, too frustrated to attempt a third time.
  • Got to listen to Pineleaf do some truly epic Grima narration during the field trip.



  • My Lore-master quested in the Dolven-view and visited several ancient dwarven libraries
  • The Thursday group found a missing forge
  • For the field trip, we finished up our sentence in Wildermore and headed for Edoras


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