LOTRO Players News Episode 236: Reclaim Moria… After Lunch!

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This week we discussed the LOTRO Beacon and entering Moria.

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New Player Question

Most of the stuff in the LOTRO store is bound to account when you purchase it. Is there any way to send items to your friends or do they have to buy items for themselves?




  • Aria’d a Beorning, planning to do a very casual stroll through Mordor with an Aria’d Guardian
  • Did an enjoyable marathon questing run, capped by running CoS with Sans and her sister, along with lots of talk about stats and strategy



  • Finished Gondor allegiance on Landroval!Teriadwyn!
  • Axli Shingshing entered Moria.
  • Slowly making progress on the Warden again.



  • Got to Galtrev with the field trip. We’re getting closer to being able to get war steeds!
  • Took my long neglected dwarf champion into Moria finally, with some help from Teri’s dwarf champ and Pineleaf’s hunter. Having a hobbit along is one good way to make a dwarf feel tall.
  • Introduced my sister to the Fornost instances with Coltyn and Maven. Now we just need to go back slower sometime so she can read and pursue side quests.



  • Helped someone I got into the game level up their guardian–he almost got to meet Sara Oakheart for the first time!
  • Realized I had somehow skipped the last part of Volume 1 before moving on to Volume 2 (whoops) so I went back into Angmar for a little while to work on Vol 1 Book 8.
  • Bought a mumak pet!



  • Our Thursday group headed into Moria.
  • During the field trip, we broke some bones – fortunately those of the local wights.
  • My Lore-master finally made it into Moria (it seems to be a theme this week)


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One comment

  1. “Most of the stuff in the LOTRO store is bound to account when you purchase it. Is there any way to send items to your friends or do they have to buy items for themselves?”
    This or similar is FAQ in game…
    Just put your store bought item in mail. You’ll see you can send it but it will cost 2 Mithril coins per mail (regardless of number of items in said mail). If you then type recipient from your own account MC cost will disappear. Items must have both Bought in store and account bound texts in description though.
    Basically it’s official way to buy gold in game for real money, introduced quite a while ago, like 2 years or maybe more.

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