LOTRO Players News Episode 234: Shing! Shing! Squish!


This week we discussed skirmishing, naming cosmetic pets, and more.

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LOTRO Players News

[CC] 99 instances – The angmar experience 2/2 – To balrog or not

The task to build a Lotro (classic)

Pineleaf’s Pictorial Primer to Skirmishing: Solo Lieutenants


New Player Question

How do you rename Cosmetic Pets? (I learned this this week, but I thought it would be worth asking)




  • Finished Mordor! Except for the dailies and allegiances.
  • Attempted dailies and got squished.
  • Discovered Mordor resource instances.



  • The last time the Grrlz of Middle Earth met up, we worked on the Yule Festival and general shenanigans ensued.
  • Took someone through the Festival for the first time.
  • Got a cosmetic white rabbit from the Festival and I’m working on earning enough for a Fire Grim.



  • Got my LM and Cappy up past level 100 by running the Yule festival; they are still running to get crystals for their LIs, then will be dual boxing Gondor
  • Stocked up on swag and pets at the Yule festival
  • Have been running the 12-man raid, made it through the 2nd boss and found the 3rd. Sans and I had a philosophical discussion today about boss #2.



  • Aria’d a LM and a mini. Promptly went Roving Threat hunting with my new LM.
  • Ran through Nan Wathren with the field trip and then jumped into the new raid and got a lava floor.
  • Squishy RK went on a shopping spree thanks to some ash Sans got. Her stats are much better, and she was able to finish the Agarnaith instance and solo a CoS run at 105 t1.



  • Skirmished with my Loremaster to finish the season on my video series
  • Ran some dailies on my Landroval warden
  • Skirmishes for guide.


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  1. Marmi /

    You rename your pet by using a command in chat window: /cpet rename ‘new name’
    Or you can use Pets plugin and type in it’s window.

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