Executive Producer’s Letter for November 2017

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Executive Producer Severlin posted the latest producer’s letter looking forward to what’s ahead for next year. The full text of the letter is at the LOTRO forums.

Much of the letter discusses what is coming in Update 22:

  1. The continuation of the Black Book of Mordor.
  2. Lands featured in The Hobbit: Northern Mirkwood, Laketown, Dale, and Erebor.
  3. A new musical instrument: the fiddle.

Why are legions of refugees fleeing from Rhûn, with tales of death and horror on their lips? And why are spiders missing from the forest, and where have they gone? We’ll answer these questions and more.

As for later in 2018, we have this little teaser for Update 23:

Looking beyond Update 22, we know you have been asking to see even more classic moments from the trilogy. We have a way to go before we see Aragorn and Arwen’s wedding, but we intend to bring you other well-known parts of the book. In Update 23, we intend to visit Minas Morgul, and say a fearful hello to Shelob herself.

Sans, it’s for you.

Pineleaf Needles

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