LOTRO Players News Episode 227: I Got a Rock!


This week we discussed Update 21.2.3, the new soundtrack, and Teri getting a rock.

Game News

Update 21.2.3

Mordor Soundtrack Available Now

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The Norbog news #2

New Player Question

Any recommendations or strategies for where to place milestones?




  • I got a rock!
  • Meledhriel finished up in the Dunbog and headed to Barnavon in Dunland.
  • Saryssa ran around in Ered Luin looking for a good place for a screenshot.



  • Ran the new 6-man and finished it!
  • Acted as a sort of guide through the haunted burrow for Corey and his son



  • Had a really busy week, so I wasn’t able to play at all 🙁



  • Ran Inn of the Forsaken on the field trip and then skraided with PLOI.
  • Went Roving Threat hunting with Elessariel and Findelrod!
  • Had fun going through Thorzaf with Maven, then tried taking Cyndars through and she was not a happy Lore Master.



  • On Crickhollow, I finally unlocked the dailies. Thanks to Squirle for his advice that you may need to relog. Those resource instances are tough.
  • Lore-master dealt with a nasty dwarf.
  • During the field trip, we ran Inn of the Forsaken.
  • Landroval at Naerband and Thorzaf


News Beyond LOTRO

Amazon Has It’s “Eye” Set On Lord of the Rings TV Show


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