Amazon Has It’s “Eye” Set On Lord of the Rings TV Show

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One TV show to rule them all?



Amazon is in talks with Warner Bros. Television to develop a new TV series based on The Lord of the Rings. The estate of J.R.R. Tolkien is also involved, after settling the lawsuit with Warner Bros. over a rights dispute, they two seem to be playing nice again.

Variety broke the news/rumor that Amazon is in talks with Warner Bros. Television and the Tolkien estate to adapt Lord of the Rings into a new series for Amazon.

Variety also says that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is personally involved with the project, which to my knowledge would be a first as Bezos doesn’t usually take such a hands-on approach to Amazon’s film and TV deals, but the CEO is apparently a big fan of fantasy and science-fiction.



There are no details on the project, so we can speculate on how it would work, and what works would be included? Could this be the way you finally see The Silmarillion hit the screen?

More details as we get it, but for now let’s dream and speculate on what want to see!


  1. Moridin /

    please no!

  2. Wilros /

    Silmarillion is off the table as the rights are still held by the Tolkien Estate who have absolutely no interest in giving them up. It would have to center around content included in the LOTR or the Hobbit. My guess is on Gondor and a young Aragorn’s exploits as Thorongil, since this could include both political drama (vying with Denethor) and battle action.

    • Warner & Tolkien Estate are working hand in.. so it’s not “Off the table” I”m sure it will never happen.. but TE and Warner have kissed and made up…

  3. Emraneth /

    This is such a bad idea

  4. A lot of people seem to be jumping to the conclusion that this will be an extended serial rehash of The Lord of the Rings, whereas I saw it as an opportunity to build new tangential storylines in the World of Middle Earth, much like Turbine/SSG have done (or as Wilros suggests above). I see this as more likely as it would seem to trample less on Peter Jackson’s achievements which are still fresh enough to be iconic.

  5. Lord of the Rings is too classy to end on TV, dragged into war against zombies, kings, dragons, negan, etc.


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