LOTRO Players News Episode 226: Getting Lost Can Be Deadly


This week we discussed the new build on Bullroarer and our week in LOTRO.

Game News

Isengard and Treebeard Dev Diary

Mordor Soundtrack Releasing November 1st

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Bullroarer 21.3 Build 1


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[CC] 99 instance – Fornost


Maven’s pick of the week: The Bearded Minstrel’s Trait Point Tool


It’s especially interesting and informational to check out the “Community Builds” accessible from the button in the upper right corner.


Teri’s pick of the week: FibroJedi’s new fanfic series!


New Player Question

I purchased the Collector’s Edition of the Mordor Expansion this week and got an Aria of the Valar. Since I have not yet made it to cap on any character yet, should I wait until I level up my highest level character to play the new content, or should I woosh up a character with the Aria and play it now? If I woosh a character, should I make that character in a class I already know how to play or could I try a new class?





  • Attempted the new 6-man at 115 and managed to get all the way to the final boss, but we exhausted ourselves working out the mechanics…we’re trying again tonight, so will maybe report back next week
  • Learned how to get the second chest (which I guess we could call Tier 2 Challenge) in the new 3-man. It requires dancing the hokey-pokey to get things going.
  • Had a totally idyllic run around Kingstead gathering skarn (so my jeweller could make more tokens). The sun was out, the grass was waving, Chance Thomas’s Rohan music was playing. Smashed a bunch of Uruks and a couple of warbands just because I could. Totally relaxing.



  • Purchased the Mordor Expansion!
  • Worked on leveling up my champ in Moria– in Volume 2, Book 3, Chapter 7 I thought it was hilarious how being noticed by ONE ORC can doom the entire dwarven race
  • Noticed the loot filter for the first time in game and I can already tell I am going to love it



  • Hunted Roving Threats with Cyndars for a first age bow for my newly Aria’d hunter and took my newly Aria’d hunter through Udun and Dor Amarth. Durthang was ridiculously hard and I had to recruit Cyndars to finish the last two quests there, but Barad Dur went pretty well.
  • On the field trip, we finally made it to Enedwaith with our level 65ish characters. We did not get the thorough title, though we did get lost.
  • Tried to convince the good people of Fusham Bal to go into business selling Sulokil and Mumak rides. They were not interested in my ideas, unfortunately, and insisted on continuing to be not very friendly.



  • Ran with Grrlz doing Warbands of Old Anorien
  • Warden Meledhriel attended an auction in Dunland. Also, I got a chance to start filtering out phrases where Dunlendings use the word ‘Duvodiad’, which has turned into a bigger process than I thought it was going to be.
  • Landroval!Teri started the tedious process of trying to play nice with Easterlings and Haradrim.



  • Crickhollow warden found a way up without flying. After this, I headed to Fusham Bal and played a dangerous game of diplomacy in Fusham Bal.
  • Gladden Lore-master chased a Nazgul and headed into the Misties
  • Laurelin warden headed into Lhingris. Haven’t I had enough of that place?


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Featured Comments

Louni left a comment on last week’s episode:

Great show as always. Just a thought about the possible Shelob raid, and not killing anything mentioned in the books. As Teri mentioned about The Watcher, after lopping off its tentacles, we actually do kill it. I know this because when running that instance with my kin, whoever got the killing blow would post it in kinchat to the other members not in the instance…:) So I fully believe we will kill be able to kill Shelob. The books mention 2 possible future for her, something about nursing her wounds till she is able to wreak her evil again, or her meeting some other end to her life. So I don’t think SS would be worried about The Tolkien estate being miffed that we killed Shelob, it’s still as the saying goes, “A open book”.


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  1. What… What… What!!!! There was something that Pineapedia had wrong! (In reference to Dia de los Muertos) I’m shocked. Shocked I say!

    • Teriadwyn /

      It’s perhaps more forgiving to say that Pineapedia had only half of the information. Just like Wikipedia, actually!

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