LOTRO Players News Episode 222: Tastes Like Evil Chicken

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This week we continued our review of the Mordor expansion by reviewing Dor Amarth.

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Bullroarer Update 21.2 Round 3

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(Dor Amarth Review)

  • Dor Amarth landscape
  • Mob
  • Mordor Door
  • Black Book Chapter 2
  • Dwarven quest line
  • Prisoner quest line
  • Allegiance system


LOTRO Players News

The tale of the stale pretzels in Mordor Beta 2

Poems of the Pine: The Ring of Power


New Player Question

I have some pieces of gear that are below my level in my inventory that I can’t sell. Is it because it is part of a set? Or does it mean that it’s better than what I have equipped?




  • Tried out the new 6-man on Bullroarer with Grrlz….it’s a SIZZLER!
  • Ran Deeping Wall in a raid at level cap with PLOI. Rode on their coattails as they knew what they were doing and I didn’t. So I pretty much acted as ballast. Also ran Thorog and Drake Wing with PLOI raid, first time running either on level (and level cap). It was…interesting.
  • Meyvan completed her Dor Amarth book, my favorite of all the Mordor books



  • More questing in Moria. Lots of grodbog.



  • Finished Dor Amarth on Landroval!Teriadwyn, who’s nearly to level 115.
  • Saryssa ran a few of the Treasure Hunt quests, still don’t have the treasure horse.
  • Warden Meledhriel did just enough Dunland questing to meet Rook.



  • Finished Dor Amarth completely on Sanswinda and almost finished on Calondrian, who is now 114.
  • Introduced my sister to the Eyes and Guard tavern, the new 6 person instance, and the Treasure Hunt quests.
  • Finished Book 2 of Epic Volume 1 on my champion. Aerindys and Teri would probably have been cringing or laughing if they could have seen it. I survived the instance, at level 26, but it took forever and almost ended as poorly as trying to kill wights and gaunt-men.



  • During the field trip we had an episode of Three tanks and no healer.
  • I cleared out some misguided dwarves in Dol Angrath three times.
  • My Gladden minstrel ran the Book 1 finale at level 19 – first time I did that with no deaths when under 20.


News Beyond LOTRO



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This week we did not receive any reviews.

Featured Comments



Falkbridge writes:

Thank you for your thorough discussion on virtues. You were exactly right. I was mistaken when I thought that being greyed out indicated that it was not accessible, despite the fact that this is pretty much a universal convention in computers (yes that is sarcasm). My belief was reinforced by the fact that to slot a coloured virtue you can right click it, but if you right click a greyed out virtue you open up the LOTRO store (making me think that I could only purchase the greyed out virtues). I will now embark upon the task of going through all my alts and slotting the most appropriate virtues, not just the ones that just randomly happen to be coloured at that time.

I wonder if I am alone in this spurious belief or if there are many more players missing out on various virtual virtuous validity.

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Falkbridge from the Blue Mountains


Feralir writes:

Hello lotroplayers. I hope you’re enjoying the endless closely packed mobs you get to fight your way through over and over in order to unlock Allegiance dailies, as much as I am not.


Now that I’ve unlocked those dailies, I was hoping you could answer a question for me. What’s the most time efficient way to earn those scrolls of empowerment and starlit crystals we need to power up our imbued weapons? I’ve been running back to Dol Amroth for the dailies there. Do you have better recommendations?


My other question is about Pineleaf’s excellent skirmish guides. I remember referring to them back when earning the Skirmisher of Skirmisher title, and wanted to look up something in them. I found links to them on your site, but they seem to be broken, at least the Attack at Dawn one. Any other place I can find them?


Keep on defeating those orcs, and see you in the Fourth Age.


Feralir, who’s always bringing_it_on on Landroval

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Final Thoughts

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  1. Arred /

    Please, in the future either read/watch the article/video you are trying to comment on or just skip it. No need for “Pfft, it’s Mordor” if you don’t know what’s it about or haven’t bothered looking into anything on BR.

  2. Marmi /

    About new player question…
    You mean you have pieces you can’t sell to a vendor because they don’t have coin value?
    In this case it usually means they were good at some point in game and not likely to be vendored. They even removed coin value from some gear long ago to prevent accidentally selling and selling intentionally on hacked/stolen accounts. Gear sets often don’t have vendor value due to above reasons as far as I know.
    Of course if you have higher level gear with better stats you can drop/destroy these without value.
    If you mean pieces you can’t sell to other players or post on AH it usually means they are bound to character or account (read description), you can however sell them to vendor.

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