LOTRO Players News Episode 220: Third Age Valley Girl

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This week we discussed the new builds on Bullroarer this weekend.

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The Battle of the Five Armies and the Dwarves of Erebor

Update 21.2 on Bullroarer

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Mordor 21.2: FINALLY!

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New Player Question

Falkbridge writes:

HI Aerindys,


This is Falkbridge from the Blue Mountains in Australia. (Hi Maeven   *waves*) I have a new player question even though I have been playing for over 3 years now. This is a question that no one has ever answered and it is like the elephant in the room because no one wants to talk about this on LOTRO Player news or LOTRO Academy despite having had many discussions about Virtues and “Everything under the Letter J”. My question is, what is it that unlocks the virtues and makes them available for slotting?


Now, before Teri says “just buy them from the LOTRO store”, I must say, I have never purchased a virtue from the store and I don’t plan to because they unlock on their own. I just want to know what makes them unlock, and before someone says “you unlock them by completing the deeds” I must also say, I am a completionist and I have completed many deeds. I have almost completed “Deeds of Eriador” on two alts. Despite me gaining many deeds and their virtues many of them remain grayed out.


For instance my elf Loremaster at Lv 69 has achieved between 12 and 6 on all traits but most are still grayed out and I only have 5 open to be locked into slots, whereas my Man Champion at Lv 62 has all traits earned between 10 and 6 but he has 6 available for slotting and they are not the highest level traits. The weirdest is my Hobbit Guardian on about Lv 32 with 13 virtues available for slotting, and the traits available for slotting is different for every alt. Is it dependent upon race or class, or a combination of both? Do some virtues only unlock when you achieve a certain rank in them?


I made up a spreadsheet of all my alts to try to find any correlation but I still can’t find any reliable trends as many of my alts are at a low level. This question came about because my third highest alt, Falkbridge the dwarf hunter at Lv 42 was very squishy having great difficulty in the three troll caves in the Trollshaws epic quest line, despite inspiration. He had not completed anywhere near as many deeds, but I discovered he only had 3 traits available for slotting.


I thought that it must be that the missing ones were ones I had not achieved yet, but despite me gaining those two traits they were still grayed out. Two more did pop later when I achieved at least 2 for those traits.  Please help so I can decide which traits to work on without spending LOTRO points.






  • LOTS of stuff…but Teri and Sans will cover some of it. Glordriel has reached level 20 in her last allegiance, busy with daily and weekly quests
  • Having a BLAST with my baby hunter! She is blowing stuff away, and I’m only going for the orange or red quests. She blew through the level 30 Epic instance with Radagast at level 25…everything was VERY IMPORTANT (i.e., red)
  • Tinnfang Warble has taken his angry hands to Linghris and is heading toward Cirith Ungol, and Meyvan will be heading into Barad dur shortly with Sans, Teri and Pine



  • Finished Fil Gashan for the first time with the Grrlz, then ran through Thorin’s Hall in disguise to celebrate.
  • Went scourge hunting with Ploi and found the most evil place in Middle-earth that I’ve seen yet, and no, there were no spiders.
  • Ran the Forges of Khazad-dûm with my sister for the first time, then ran through a bunch of other Moria instances just because we could.



  • In this week’s episode of “Aerindys Had No Time”, I was actually able to quest in Moria a little bit. 🙂



  • Landroval!Teriadwyn did more Dor Amarth questing, had fun reading the dwarves with Russian accents. Also, the scholar is adorkable, but she really is not all that bright…
  • Meledhriel the Warden has finally officially entered Dunland on the Volume 3 epic.
  • Aria’d burg Sarylla opened up Moria via Volume 2, is almost at the point of unlocking skirmishes.



  • My Landroval burglar started the Misty Mountains troll slayer deed with a level-105 troll.
  • My Crickhollow warden tanked the Dungeons of Dol Guldur. This was my first tanking job at 115. I finally finished the last pages of lore in Udun as well as the infamous spies quest.
  • Helped introduce Cynders to The Great Barrow and skirmishes.


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Featured Comments



Big Ed writes:

I know that listeners, and Teriadwyn, are fascinated by all things fishing related.  Teriadwyn will be delighted  to learn that Minecraft’s fishing system is factually correct when fishing activity goes up when it rains..  


Fish will often feed aggressively as a low pressure system moves into an area, then switch off again as the low pressure system moves on and the barometric pressure begins to rise again.  Going fishing in the hours before a storm system or rain showers move through the area will often make for a great day of fishing, so long as you don’t stay too long and get rained on.  The rain doesn’t bother the fish very much, as they are already wet.  It can make for uncomfortable conditions for the fishermen, however.


I have not personally observed any increase in fishing activity in Middle Earth that is tied to weather conditions.  I would not be surprised to learn that Talyrion1003 might have statistics regarding weather patterns and fishing in LOTRO, however.  Talyrion has a dozen or more characters at 200 fishing skill, and seems to keep statistical information on all kinds of crazy things within LOTRO.


Thanks for continuing to supply great podcasts, and keep on fishing in Middle Earth!


Big Ed Mustafa


P.S. – Yellow is often a terrific choice of color when selecting jigs, spinner baits, and a wide variety of soft plastic lures.


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  1. Barnabras /

    Pineleaf’s difficulties in PVMP is due not to Andang’s lack of leadership, rather it is Andang’s lack of healing.

  2. Concerning new player question.
    If you are VIP then all 5 slots for virtues are unlocked (for characters logged while VIP). Otherwise only 2 (if I recall correctly) are unlocked, the rest must be bought in store. Virtues itself doesn’t require paying to slot them (you can buy them in store so they have higher tier though).
    As soon as you earn in game (or buy) a virtue you can slot it (assuming you have free slot or replace another). It doesn’t depend on race, class or anything. However you can’t slot a virtue which you have only thanks to gear, for example lootbox jewellery. For example a ring can give you +3 patience and if you don’t have that virtue earned (at least level 1) then you can’t slot it. There are no other limitations.
    Did you try to slot virtue even if it’s greyed out? Just drag it to slot, it should work. If it doesn’t work I suggest making a ticket about it.
    As for why some virtues are greyed I have no idea…

  3. nice one…i love this…

  4. I still think the name of the show should have been “Even Arred is happy about it”.

  5. nice one… love watching this…

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