LOTRO Players News Episode 219: Shire Drunken Merchant Run


This week we discussed the fallibility of Pineleaf’s predictions.

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  • Downwithbears Shoutyelph finished Book 1 of Volume 1 at level 18, and the first half of Book 2 at level 20. Then the OP mini learned to skirmish so that she could get the next quest.
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn did the quest for the Champion’s item for the Black Book of Mordor, finished out Udun and moved on to the next area.
  • Ran around Moria on my level 47 LM, ran a few skirmishes to level her up so she could work on Volume 2.



  • While out questing with Teri and Maven and the crew on Thursday night, we got an invite to go Scourge hunting. So Sans got to finally attack Draigoch’s mini-me that is wandering around Mordor!! It was awesome! The dragon was big and threatening and had deadly breath! Though a large part of the fight was spent trying to not be killed by the elite master troll that kept respawning in the middle of the fight with the dragon and its handlers, adding some unexpected challenges. The troll seemed pretty intent on snacking on hobbits, so it was good the dragon was looking for a bigger meal. 😛 Of course, as Crister said when we saw what was in the reward box, it was like finding a great Egyptian Pyramid and getting twinkies for a reward, but it was fun!
  • Sans made it to level 115 (by turning in some extra intruiging filth, which also got her to Kindred standing with the Conquest of Gorgoroth) and then joined PLOI for a Dome of Stars run at level 115. We finished it, and there was much death and destruction, once again for little in-game reward, but it was a lot of fun to test her skills and fighting the Mumak was awesome!
  • Ran through the Retaking Weathertop instance, on level, with a baby champion. Not being squishy was fun, as was bashing all the bad guys with swords. It helped that there were a few quests just prior to that which required killing things though–remembering to get in melee range took a few minutes. 😛



  • Glordriel has achieved full allegiance with three of four factions, she’s now hobnobbing with King Elessar
  • I’m worried about Tinnfang, the Aria’d High Elf. Last week I reported that he drank his way to 115 in Bree. He spent almost all THIS week doing shrooms! And for crystals! I think he’s fallen in with a bad crowd (I’m looking at you Sanswinda!)
  • Lots of fun group work (see Sans’ highlights).



  • My high-elf minstrel ran Rescue by Midnight in a rather unstealthy manner.
  • Helped a forgetful hunter get to Everswim
  • Quested in a dual-warden fellowship in Ered Luin


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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Pays Homage To Late Developer


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