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Mordor can be a confusing place and an evil place when you level, but it can become even more so when you reach 115. This is because the way you achieve new gear is divided across several paths you can take. The Mordor dailies form a good basis for those as you acquire resources for crafting, reputation items for your allegiances, silver tokens for bartering and in the meantime plenty of other gear to disenchant for ashes later on.  Most form of “end-game” come together in these dailies and combine a lot of different mechanics together (some new, some older and some even forgotten). I’ll explain the different types of dailies later, but in this guide I’ll focus on how to unlock them and I’ll try to give a head start. Once you get the ball rolling it will fall into place.

How to unlock the dailies*
Short version, do all the quest in Mordor. The unlock functions a bit like the trait points in helms deep or central gondor. Once you get to the end of a long quest chain you get a reward. This time it’s a X at the unfortunately invisible check mark list. Get all the X’s and you can visit your allegiance expedition organiser or the quest giver in Udun. The quest chains end with the following. The lore and pages isn’t involved in any. This is false information that seems to get around lately.

Once you have completed all these quests chains you will receive a hidden deed (Tales of Gorgoroth). With this deed comes a pop-up quest called Continue the conquest. This might require a relog to show for you.

Where to get the new quests?
Continue the conquest will lead you back to your first allegiance faction you joined. After this you can pick up 3 different kind of Mordor dailies.

  1. A daily and weekly container quest from the expedition organiser inside your allegiance hall
  2. An allegiance specific quest for inside the resource instances from an Udun quest giver
  3. Quests to do on the landscape of a specific region or inside the region specific resource instance

Each resource instance does triple duty and function like any resource instance

  • A boss at the end for the main quest with several side quests
  • The allegiance specific quest (nm 2)
  • One of the region specific quests (nm 3) and one of the possible weekly container quests from nm 1

On the right I’ve made a diagram that will look really complicated, but upon some study will start to look familiar. It’s a lot of intertwined quests and rewards, but this is a bit how Mordor works without a 1000 letters to explain each different section. And keep the guide as compact as possible.

Each colour text shows you which daily involves what region or daily type.

Resource instances
These instances feature one of the landscape fortresses or quest areas and can be run solo or duo. The difficulty varies a lot, so when you can a partner is suggested.  Upon starting the quest a 1 hour timer will start and 2 side quests. Plus either a specific nm 3 quests and a nm 2 quest on top. These will be the quickest way to get your daily (nm 1) done since you will work on several things at once. On average 10-15 duo or 15-25 minutes per instance.

Landscape dailies
From the taskboards at the main camps in the specific region or in the allegiance hubs you can pick up to 10 different quests. They can be divided into 3 different kinds by type and difficulty

  • Easy, but 1 quest at a time – Picking up items or performing tasks like any normal landscape quest
    • low-level mobs
    • Spread out across the landscape
  • Special 115 area’s – Landscape, but higher level mobs. Kill or reclaim an encampment
    • Level 115 mobs including signatures
    • Closer together and a rare mordor chest at the end usually
    • Some areas will have 2 daily quests bunched together
  • Hard 115 areas
    • Bosses, signatures, patrols and in general a lot of mobs
    • Between 2 and 4 daily quests in 1 area
    • Pages, mordor chests

Completing the daily and weekly container quest + black key
Daily – Complete 4 allegiance daily quest in … This daily always includes two regions. Depending on the day you will have to complete 4 in either 1 zone or a combined 4 in each zone. The combined daily quest will give you the coveted Black key for the lootboxes.
Weekly – Complete each resource instance by killing the boss or complete 5 landscape dailies in each region. Each will reward you with 10.000 allegiance rep.

There might be a bug with not every quests registering for the 4 daily. Had several times that i would register 6 quests completed in the weekly, but the daily wouldn’t complete. Time you picked up the landscape quests didnt seem to be the issue, might be specific quests not registering or something else all together.

Tips and warnings **
Allegiance reputation is cut off at level 30. No overflow towards the others so be carefull with the 10.000 rep item.
Container quests reset to 0 on monday or 10 am server time. Dont start a 25 quest weekly on sunday evening
Lost lore isn’t involved in unlocking the dailies.
If you leave a resource instance and/or cancel it you won’t be able to get the same one again that day
At this time the weekly container quest has a daily reset counter. So if you complete it you can do it again the next day. Probably a bug at the time of this guide. But easy allegiance rep for the resource instance weekly.
Look for rare mordor chests and treasure caches at the end of the 115 area’s
Anglach public instance is an extra Udun daily and with 3+ people it’s about 10 minutes for up to 4 daily. But shoot the named mobs or invite the other people in your party.
Reclaim the .. encampment has special triggers. You will get multiple groups of mobs if you haven’t kill them, attack the last boss or cross a line. Thread carefully the first time you do them.

*Special thank goes out to OMG peanuts for the Adventures guide to mordor on the official forum, the guys at lotrowiki for the quest chains and their effort in general and hephburz-2 for the hidden deed info. For a more detailed look and lists check out those resources. As usual these guides have the goal to bridge the gap between the unknowing, the deepdiver and front-runners.

**Written and combined before Update 21.1. Im expecting some tips and warning to change like the weekly daily reset or quests registering since they dont function as expected

Squirle, Critters casual and Journey – Rough gearing guide to the 115 is available on our Wisdom of the Valar kinsite as well. http://exploremiddleearth.com/wordpress/gearslots-at-level-115-advice-and-sources/


  1. Arred /

    Few corrections…
    -As for right now, not sure what tomorrows update brings, it’s not a ‘might’. After doing all the quest chains, epic and black book, and get one allegiance to rank 30 you only unlock the crafting instances. Daily/Weekly and the region quests that go with them require a relog.
    -Anglach is not a resource instance and doesn’t have a race quest there, as shown in the diagram.
    -The quest you call an allegiance quest are not a given and are on an internal cooldown they share with a Weekly quest. I’ve written about these and the “trick” you can do with them.
    -Let’s not call them taskboards. Taskboards are for tasks, these are something else. I compare them to bounty boards. And when picking up a daily quest one can pick up the quests for those regions next to the allegiance expeditionary.
    -Pages are all over the map, not a part of allegiance daily/weekly and not a part of “hard115 areas” as a rule.
    -Daily doesn’t always give a key. I think it’s a bug for certain regions.
    -Actually, there might be some overflow to another allegiance as I have had some odd numbers at start when switching to another one. But either way I wouldn’t advise topping it off with 10k points.
    -Can start the quest any day, as long as you finish them. And the reset won’t do anything bad for you. You start over the next day.
    -Lost Lore in a way IS a part of the daily, as you also need to get one Allegiance to rank 30 to open them. You can do this by other means (sending over from another toon or crafting).
    -The weekly doesn’t reset daily. It resets twice a week. Monday and Thursday. Seems to share a FI/raid reset or some such.

    Please get your facts straight before writing something other players might refference to in their gaming or ask someone who actually knows it to do it.

    • GeneralPepe /

      Says a guy who spent months crying in articles about mordor pricing over and over again,yeah Arred you are really someone to tell others to get ” their facts straight ” .

      • Arred /

        Interestingly enough, you are attempting a comeback at me correcting mistakes and stating facts by pointing out another fact I have stated in the past. The higher price was totaly new, not in line with other expansion, as it was advertised before and had very poor value in the packages for a lot of players and excluded a race in the base package after it being advertised as part of Mordor. And, I have not so much complained about the price, as much as I had something to say about the value of those. So my facts about that price being very different from other expansions were accurate. As are these corrections. Sorry. You could have disagreed with me on my oppinion back then and that is fine. Value is perceived by everyone differently, it just happens that many did agree with what was written. But the price wasn’t incorrect or any other information. These are.

      • GeneralPepe /

        Arred –

        ” So my facts about that price being very different from other expansions were accurate.” – i guess you are just trying to look smart by stating something self-evident and at same time completely irrelevant .
        ” it just happens that many did agree with what was written. ” – actually i remember a lot of people telling you in comments that you need to write something else other than your frustration with the pricing .
        Other thing is ” your opinions ” are not facts,they are just your opinions .
        I don’t know how someone with such poisonous ego and attitude was given chance to write here .

      • Arred /

        You tried to come at me with a comment about me complaining about the price. So, if it’s irrelevant, don’t bring it up, so I won’t respond to it. Simple.

        There were many people on many articles both agreeing and disagreeing with me here, on social media and the forums. You can never agree with everyone. But you still fail to see that the point wasn’t in the price, the point was in the value for money, when I did speak about it. But if you actually read my articles without the SSG fan psyche and playing an advocate for them you would have seen that my major issue was the lack of communication and ignoring every thread, every question, everything, rather than the price.

        The price of the last expansion and previous expansions is a fact. The value perceived is individual and you can think it’s expensive for what it offers or not. I don’t think I ever presented my opinion as facts. I formed an opinion based on such.

        You may think it poisonous and you have a right to do so, but I am not trying really hard to find something to complain about eventually. I can’t wait for the day for SSG to not give us the reason to do so. Or do you think after paying the large amount we should just shut up and take the update to a saddle, rather than expect crafting for metalsmith, scholar and cook fixed and PvMP fixed?

        People can hate for the negative things I write about in my articles, but it’s still reporting on the stuff I have noticed or do you think I’m making up the bugged locations and loot of the Scourges, problems with crafting, etc.? At least there are those articles too and people following the site can make a decision based on information about the good and the bad and not be lured in only by the good or repelled only by the bad.

        But I’ll leave this conversation at this, have a nice day.

  2. braag /

    Appreciate your thoughts and input on the site. However, when I read your final comment my first reaction was also that it was a little hypocritical based on some of your previous posted content where I have found some errors in the past, (Sorry, don’t have time to go back and create detailed lists), including general grammar.
    I for one got a lot of value out of Squirle’s posting, re-enforcing some things that I had just learned in the game and had to do my own independent research on. As LOTRO Players contributors are all volunteer positions, I don’t expect everything written to have 100% accuracy. That is why I don’t normally leave comments that complain about others contributions, rather I make suggestions or add additional detail if I think I can add value so that as a “Community” we can get to the right answers for everybody. Your initial points in your reply were in that vain, but I think your final comment left a sour taste for someone that had obviously spent a lot of time trying to help others.

    Best Regards,

    Braag of Vilya

  3. Arred /


    I welcome any and all comments and corrections to my articles, doesn’t matter what they are about. Even those about grammar, even though this isn’t a site about English literature. And as a non native English speaker I think I am doing a pretty good job there. Actually, even better than some native English speakers.

    I wouldn’t call my comment hypocritical as that would mean that I am knowingly not permitting someone to do the same things that I am doing. If I made some mistakes, those were not made on purpose, hence I don’t think we can shout ‘hypocrisy’. But I would love to discuss some of those mistakes you think you found. Please do point to them in the future. Preferably on one of my own articles where I can approve those faster. 🙂

    You are, however, correct that I didn’t really leave the nicest comment. Not just because of its content, but also because it was from a contributor to another contributor. I am aware of that. And had this been any other type of article I wouldn’t really mind and would have let it go, but this was a ‘how to’ article flooded with mistakes and incomplete information, so I “had” to be a bit more harsh. I wasn’t going to point out any grammar/spelling issues, names of places spelled wrong, etc. I don’t expect renown authors writing here. We all chose to write here, the fact that we are not paid doesn’t excuse any of us for making mistakes, we should strive to be 100% correct, no matter what. There will be people who will read the article and try to implement it in game and come across some issues and complain something is not working right. You and I may not need it, but someone does.

    Have a nice day.

  4. “Had to” is a strong choice of words, as you acknowledged yourself with the parenthesis you added to it. There is always a choice in how things can be phrased. Perhaps more introspection is needed. I will say no more. Thanks for your contributions to the community.

  5. Marmi /

    Thank you for corrections, but I think last sentence is not needed. You could write another instead, like: I hope these corrections will further help players. Or something like that, I’m not best in English 🙂

  6. Squirle /

    In a world that has ssg still reeling abit and with imperfect information the article still stands. Most of Arreds corrections are his views or choices i’ve made to keep the article as compact and clear as possible such as including anglach in the same category as the other resource instances. In theory he’s right, for practical sake it doesnt make too much difference. And if the boards look like taskboards and everyone knows taskboards i’ll call them taskboards. The last bounty board is what, Evendim?.

    The last few artticles are written and published in a more time sensitive fashion. Personal and kin duties have taken more time lately then the time i was only doing critter comics. No poijnt in publishing this artcile 2 weeks later or the Mordoor series after its launch. The last mordoor arcticle (part 1) was too far grammer wise. But like braag said. Sometimes the time you post makes you post an article when it’s good enough.

    • Let’s see…

      Dailies require a relog. – Not an opionion.

      Anglach not a resource instance. – Not an opinion.

      Allegiance quest bi-weekly cooldown. – Not an opinion.

      Bounty boards were last seen in South Ithilien. It can be confusing to people saying that a task board gives dailies. – A part of this could be considered an opinion.

      Pages are mostly not in 115 “hard” camps. – 3 in Dor Amarth (number 9 and 2 and 3) and not sure how many in Seregost. A few in Talath Urui. Think that’s it. – Not an opinion.

      Spoke about the key in the article about the best gear.

      Didn’t make a SS of the number with which the next allegiance starts, I’ll check if I can still do that.

      Weekly doesn’t reset daily. – Not an opinion.

      Please do not dismiss what I corrected by saying that most of it is my opinion when that isn’t true. I can certainly understand the lack of time, but it is my opinion that a how to article requires a bit more dedication and checking if what is written is correct.

  7. Ally dailies reset at 3am and 10am EST. SSG don’t know this – Cord told the world there would only be 3 Black Key Quest a week. In reality (virtuality) it’s around 7 and sometimes more if you can play during these 7 hours during the night. He could just be misinformed or a tactic to get people buying more Black Keys from the store. All it really shows is that SSG don’t play. Day one of Mordor beta had the AH filled with dev generated Black Keys so it was clearly their route for store sales. Exploit Early!

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