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In this condensed guide I’ll take you on your journey through the time you first join your first allegiance and when you will finish it. The same questions always seem to pop up when it coming up in kin or world chat. For a full overview of each and every quest, step and breakdown i’ll refer you to the excellent beta post from Omg_peanuts over on the lotro forum Adventurs guide.

Why should i do the allegiance quests?
You will be able to provide extra help to one of the four races in Middle earth and join them on 4 new adventures in several post ring destruction stories in areas that arent grim and Mordory. And in return you will be awarded with 3 slots of excellent armour. Tokens of service for a gauntlet, a ring from chapter 4 and a cloak from chapter 7 that are nearly the best currently available on your first play through. And again on each other race. Only sauron needed 1 ring and we need 2.

2nd reputation panel (omg_peanuts)

When can i join them?
At level 110 you can talk to Eomer in the Udun foothold and will send you to the black gate. At this (or an earlier point) you can select the 2nd reputation panel and join one of the 4 races. The first one will be the least amount of reputation needed so choose wisely if you want a specific storyline.

Note: allegiance rep isnt accelerated by reputation tomes

Chapter 1
When you’re at the black gate and talked to Eomer there. You will be accompanied by one representative of each race to whom you talk to receive chapter 1. They will tell you to visit the homestead of them. After you talk to the guys in that place you will be awarded with a 5 minute cooldown travel skill to that place.

Note: Turn around at the black gate to see the travel goat that will take you to the homestead


Claim and reputation bars (omg_peanuts)

Chapter 2 and where are the rest?
Depending at what point you did chapter 1 you might have some reputation items before and used them. Then you will see the quest icon for chapter 2. But quite quickly you will notice there is no follow-up quest available or a grayed out ring. At level 5,10,15,20,25 and 30 you can claim a new chapter on top of any other rewards.  A useable item will appear in your inventory with the name Chapter X: questname. Use it and return to your homestead and speak to the same NPC you talked to before.

Note: Each factions rewards are the same, stories aren’t.

Chapter 4 and 7 rewards

Extra dailies and rewards for your allegiance
The second source of confusing is what the level 115 often refer to as the allegiance dailies or Mordor dailies. Mordor gearing and endgame revolves around 3 different type of dailies. One of these involves the allegiances and will award you extra reputation items. Pretty much you can for them until you have done nearly every quest in Mordor.  These will range from easy to hard to do solo. But you have to be level 115 for those. A guide on those will be up at a later date.

Note: Dailies for (allegiances) are only available after you do a specific set of quest chains in Mordor aka do all the quest at 115.

What daily are there at 115 (technical jargon warning) and where is my black key?
There is a daily Expedition/allegiance that has 2 modes. One with a rep item and one with a Black Key as a reward. They switch every day.
There is a weekly expedition that has 2 modes. Both give you a 10.000 rep item. They will switch every week, but have a daily cooldown. So you can complete the quest 7 times a week if you want (not recommended).
Each faction can give you an extra quest to do in the resource instances at Udun foothold. Always the same kind of quest

Note: 3 different daily quests that reward rep items and (1 of them a black key every 2 days). Not available for everyone see the previous note.

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