What’s Left After Mordor? – LOTRO’s Potential Future


I have been getting and seeing a lot of comments regarding LOTRO’s future recently.  Mainly things like “LOTRO is over because Sauron was destroyed.”

I decided to make a video to address these concerns and explain what is potentially left after Mordor.

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  1. I’m absolutely looking forward to the next big things after Mordor/Sauron: The Grey Havens, Mithlond, Minhiriath, Lindon, Anfalas, Rhûn, Harondor, Khand, Harad, Northern Mirkwood, Grey Mountains, the whole Kingdom of Erebor with Dale, Esgaroth, Long Lake, Thrór’s Halls, Thráin’s Halls, Ravenhill, Elvenking’s Halls etc. pp. …

  2. I guess the big question is not so much whether there is more Middle Earth story to tell, but if players will care enough to stick around for it. I’d imagine that some will, and some won’t.

    Personally I’m feeling “We’re done”, and SSG has it’s work cut out persuading me otherwise. The Mordor pricing certainly didn’t help in that regard.

  3. Arturius /

    More effort to reduce lag, more revamps for visual quality, maybe a 64 bit client and keep the quality of life support, that’s all I need, no new classes or any new zone for now, please!

  4. Haladad /

    It’s time to go all in. SSG needs to be working on LOTRO 2: The Fourth Age. Modern graphics and mechanics, playable PVMP. They don’t even to add much more in terms of worldbuilding (besides updating) because LOTRO is already and amazing Middle Earth.

    The best would be that they could have a mode that would allow players to play LOTRO within LOTRO 2, keeping the historical game alive (maybe 1 or 2 servers). Players could then to port their characters into LOTRO 2: The Fourth Age, keeping their homes and stuff.

    • Tronguy /

      SSG probably has 200+ people working hard with art, code, vfx, music, servers, the list goes and goes…. not to mention around 50 to 100 millions to burn, right?

      Rumors says ESO is a 200 millions production.

      not to mention the expensive costs to create a solid marketing campaign, the forever maintenance of modern systems, again, the list goes and goes.

  5. Ryucrat /

    LOTRO’s ‘potential’ future should be to fix what they already have. I quit playing long ago, but just a suggestion. They only have a couple hundred ‘die hard’ fans left anyways.

  6. I will stay in lotro as long as the expansion is well detailed. Everything should be done when you buy the next expansion so we only focus to the expansion that their selling, no more worries.

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