What’s behind Mordoor 6.3 – Before the door opens- Getting the edge


You’ve gotten rid of the old and prepared for the new. But you still got some time left for Mordor hits. What can you do to get that edge over the other players? Mordor is meant to level the playing field and lay the foundation for a revamped balance. As such, I feel there isn’t a definitive edge you can get. But there surely are several ways to be (better) prepared than the rest.

Be 115 faster than the rest
If you’re 115 earlier than the others you will have an easier time to gather crafting materials, start the daily repeatable before the others, get ahead of the lag and mob or “abuse” a bug that might have sneaked past SSG.  The obvious option is to just play more. Time a day off or finish that summer course before Mordor launches. But since that is personal I’ll give some other tips. The advantages will flatten our faster than other expansions due to no rep gated gear, daily resets and a surplus of gold in lotro. But who knows, we didn’t expect it at U20 and those reputation items grind in the first few hours and days was insane compared to the later weeks.

Race to 115
Method 1 Accelerate experience
Use the several options lotro has rested XP for VIPs or just 100% or even 200% boosts. It’s quick, it’s dirty but it will be efficient.

Method 2 Warg pens or Sword halls power leveling
Alongside method 1, do the extra dirty. Good old-fashioned power leveling. It’s not only for alts anymore. This will be more difficult since you will quickly run out gear. It might not even be efficient past 110. Would need some testing in beta 5 or 6.

Get over the first bump to 107
As soon as you hit 106 it will become a lot harder. You’ll probably have a hard time doing the red quest in Mordor to the point you’ll just die a lot. But there are 2,5 good options to get a little boost at the start.

Method 1 Increase your armor
Save that Mathom armor to use at 106/7. The armor scale with the new stats. It won’t have a light of Earandil, but it will blow your 105 gear out of the water.

Method 2 Increase your level
Stock up on completed 105 quests you can quickly hand in. With or without an XP boost 40-50 completed quests will make you 106/107/108 easily. And this can be done before launch. Where to get 50 quests?  A bunch will have the remote-complete pop up so save these for as close to release as possible
105 dailies there aren’t 50 of them, but these will give you the brunt of your XP. (total 19)

    1. North ithilien flower dailies – 10 quests
    2. The waste dailies – 4?
    3. The waste Roving threats (105) (remote complete) – 5 quests
  1. 105 warbands (remote complete) (total 8)
    1. North ithilen  – 3 warbands
    2. Far anorien -5 warbands
  2. level 100 repeatable – 105 doesn’t have enough repeatable to fill all 50. But level 100 will still give a good amount of experience. But deliver these before 105 since they will turn green after 106 (less XP)
    1. All Roving threats, raid will give more XP than solo of course (total 42 quests)
    2. Minas Tirith dailies (Cistern, North gate, and south gate) Convenient and close together (total 18 quests)
    3. Osgiligath (Total 6 quests)
    4. West Gondor/Dol Amroth/ central Gondor, expect these to have lower experience than the other and to be spread out (total a lot)
    5. Warbands (easy to kill, but that remote complete argh)

Legendary weapon and item increase
Don’t want to skip out on content or make Mordor too easy by being out leveled or wasting experience you’ll get eventually? Having all the items ready to get your legendary weapons to max is an easy time and money-saving tool. How many Li’s you have will depend on your class and personal stock off course. But below is a list you can stock up on per legendary item (5 new tier will be free and 5 will need to be unlocked)

  • 35 anfalas empowerment scrolls ( 7 legacies *5 unlocks)
    • Featured instance daily
    • Skirmish camp
    • Minas tirith smith coins
  • 5 Anfalas crystals (5*1 hard algebra here)
    • Morgul crest or Ithil coin barter (expensive and bound)
    • Main source will be Big battle barter (bound)
    • Instance drop (rare, but not bound)
  • 1 relic removal scroll
  • Possibly a big bunch of shards to refine for the new relics
  • Legendary item experience runes 30.000 per tier (30k*80 = 2,4 Million)
    • Skirmish camp
    • Halls of crafting + Moria and Lothlorien medallions
    • Deconstructing LI’s (stock up for Mordor)

Gold, Gold, Gold
Everything dropping in Mordor that can be traded will be extremely expensive. This will taper off really fast. But be prepared to spend a lot of gold (or earn if you can wait). Drop = time and time is a hot commodity at any launch. Everyone will have more time as time goes on (give that a deep thought). So stock up on gold if you want to be ahead or earn a lot of gold on the hardcore people willing to get ahead by spending. In U20 you could get 3k gold for a simple crafting item you will now throw away. This became a few 100 in a few hours. But you get the idea. The most sought after items in Mordor will be

  1. Experience tomes
  2. Crafting materials
    1. Black shards (think emerald or zircon) a rare crafting ingredient
    2. Normal crafting ingredients
  3. Legendary item materials such as scrolls and crystals
  4. Gear savers
    1. Relic removal scrolls
    2. Essence removal scrolls
  5. Unknown items in Mordor

Experience and LI items are you’re 2 main things to get before Mordor. But some other things you might want to stock up on as well.

  • Remembering to have fun
  • Sleep and snacks – if you’re not awake you can’t play
  • Time, myself have taken 2 days off. But you’re still gambling a bit. Expect day 1 to be horribly laggy and hard to find quest mobs.
  • Information – Wiki will not be updated. You will have to talk to people again.
  • Realisation that it’s still a game. Dont go overboard.
  • Diapers, who has time to go to the toilet


  1. Braag /

    I would be careful about recommending abuse of ‘a *bug* that slips by SSG. I appreciate the time you spent in putting this together for other players to enjoy, but my philosophy is starkly different. I intend to take my time and enjoy what realistically COULD be the last major expansion for this game. Smell the roses, and don’t worry so much about racing to 115 in the first week, day or, I am sure, hour in some cases. I always find it really sad when people Braag about that…. 🙂

    • ktallstar33 /

      I agree with this Braag; don’t feel the need to rush rush rush. Enjoy the game and take the time to soak it all in. No need to race to 115 and grind end game over and over. This is just my opinion of course, but it’s what I’d recommend.

  2. Eregond /

    I have a question? Can you really use the old system to produce the new relics aka is it worth saving up shards?

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