LOTRO Players News Episode 211: I’ll Never Forget Old Whatshisname


This week we discussed the Mordor expansion purchase options and getting ready for Mordor.

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Mordor: We have a date and you can pre-purchase

Bullroarer Build 4 Patch Notes

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Community Events: July 14th-20th

Mordor Beta 3 testing: I reached 115 and shot +Loft

What’s behind Mordoor 5 – Just think happy thoughts

The Family Line Part 143 – The In Town Meeting

Antipodean Writer: Fingolfin’s Fall: The Elves’ Lament


Brax’s memorial pick of the week: Moderate Peril “You’re Playing Wrong”


New Player Question

Is there anything that one needs to do to prepare for the new expansion?




  • Logged in Landroval!Teri to several piles of Reeking Filth, and then a few days later received a First Age Champion’s Rune. /sigh
  • Led the Academy Field Trip through a round of skirmishing not-entirely-responsibly. Evidence can be found on MortUmbra’s stream…
  • Rolled a new High Elf minstrel named Downwithbears.




  • Had to study for finals, so no LOTRO for me




  • Was out scouting the entrance to Mordor and saw a message that prompted me to attempt to play ding dong ditch on the front gate. Apparently there’s a hobbit kill-order out right now. Fortunately I was rescued before I was captured or frisked for rings.
  • Managed to copy Sans to Bullroarer and tested some quests and killing important mobs. Kiting helped. So did actually topping off my LIs.
  • Had fun insulting and mocking a Black Numenorean who didn’t know how to properly secure a hobbit prisoner. Served him right for turning green right when I started to actually make some headway damaging him.



  • Ran the rest of the new area landscape quests with Teri and Sans, including getting tied to a table while a guy threatens to slice me to ribbons
  • Finished getting all the crystals and scrolls I’ll need for my imbued weapons in Mordor
  • On the Academy field trip, I watched Saeredan do a Leroy Jenkins run through the gate on Storm on Methedras, which he did not survive (I suspect he was depressed about a relationship and wanted to end it all) “Stupid Ranger!”



  • My captain reached level 21 and just reached Weathertop.
  • This was the first time I attended the Exploring Middle-earth session live.
  • Helped Andang’s minstrel reach level 105.


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Featured Comments

Draculetta left a comment on last week’s episode:

Speaking as lead director of the site – I must say I have to give to thumbs up for the Sleeping Beauty and Grimm Fairy Tale talk! I was laughing the whole time, and was shocked that Pineleaf let it go that far off the rails.. ??


But seriously, this was a great episode one and all…


Emails (Share during Mordor Conversation)

Trotter writes:

I assume that the show will be mostly about the pre-order of Mordor, so can you make sure that this is mentioned as part of the discussion.


I live in the UK an pre-ordered the Ultimate Fan Bundle of the expansion, the price in the UK is £99.99, but when I completed the check-out process and additional charge of £20 was added for local UK tax, so my total charge was £119.99.


It is illegal in the UK to do this, you have to show the total charge, including tax, before you checkout, not allowed to add extra charges, and it seems that this was set up incorrectly, either by Standing Stones, Turbine (whose store was used) or Digital River who took the payment. The price shown at checkout includes any local taxes.


If you have bought this expansion and been charged an additional amount for local taxes, then you can reclaim the money, by contacting SSG at https://standingstonegames.zendesk.com and logging a support call asking for the added Tax to be refunded, and they have refunded my money and apologised.




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  1. Merryrose Morningsong /

    I laughed hard through last week’s episode. But this episode had me smiling and periodically gasping for breath from laughing so hard. The offhand comments were side splitting and the vision I have in my head of the field trip to Mordor keeps me in stitches. I’ve listened to the podcast twice already and probably will listen to it again. Thanks! 🙂

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