Mordor: We have a date and you can pre-purchase


We didn’t expect to see this so soon. I guess we were expecting a little bit later release date of the expansion, so this news was a bit of a surprise to some of us at least. We have the usual three pre-purchase options: standard, as the lowest; collectors edition and an ultimate fan bundle. The date of the release of the expansion in July 31st, but in the event of a delay it will be released no later than August 31st. You can see the content on the image below.


I guess the price could be considered a little bit steep. Didn’t really expect it to be cheap, but a 40 USD jump per package is…  an interesting decision. Especially considering that businesses do make more money offering products and services for cheaper and having more customers. LOTRO experienced it as well, making more money as it went F2P. It is expensive especially considering there are some items in the package that seem to be not that crucial for it. Aria of the Valar being the main one. What about those who have leveled almost every class to 105 and equipped it? Essence reclamation is fairly cheap in the game and can be purchased for a number of currencies too.

Personally I have been thinking of buying the top package before I’ve seen the price. I have bought two pre-purchases before this one, but can’t say I remember the price on those. Sadly, I may be buying only the basic package. I wish I could make my own package, the things I would be kicking out would change the prince significantly: Valar – no, High Elf – no, Character slot – no, Essence reclamation – no. Don’t know what’s this housing port, so that’s a maybe.

And title or not, I walked into Mordor and got a video to prove it. But with standard not offering much… Is there an incentive to buy? Maybe. Here is the link to the page.


  1. Personally I think it would have been a good idea to add some LP to the Collector’s and Ultimate Fan’s editions, to help make it more justifiable for people who may not find as much value in some of the exclusives, but who want some of the other ones (like I may really want the XP accelerator/housing teleport thing from Ultimate, but I don’t know if that’s worth such a huge price jump).

    I’ll look into it, but also need some more details and better visuals of the items/effects before I decide, but I agree, I may just go with the basic edition, especially if we can just buy High Elf in the Store.

    I’m very surprised at the July 31 release date; they have had a lot of stuff not ready on the betas, but I guess maybe they are close. And either way, a less-than 3-week turn around for an expansion release date seems unprecedented.

    • Arred /

      You are right, I even forgot about the LP there for a moment. Even the basic one should have more to offer in a pre-purchase than just the package.

  2. I’m also trying to figure out what the pre-purchase benefits are over just waiting to buy when you’re ready.

    If they explained that, I missed it.

    • Arred /

      They did not. It is even cheaper if you wait for it. The LP price will be around 2500 and additional 1000 for the high elf. For now it’s just a glorified quest pack and I do not mind waiting for the U22 in the winter to purchase it with LP.

    • pete /

      There are no “pre-purchase” exclusives. The same packages that are available now will still be available for sale after Mordor launches.

      The only thing you have to wait for is to buy it with LP if that is what you want to do. Presumably the $130 version will still be available many months from now. Hopefully it’ll be cheaper one day lol…

  3. Sierra /

    I just don’t see how there is $130 of value in that package. I’m really disappointed in this announcement, and I’ve bought the premium version of every expansion since Mirkwood. I’m probably going to pay the base $40 (since I’m not patient enough to wait till U22 for new content) and buy the high elf with LP later – I think they are really going to generate a lot of negative sentiment toward SSG and the game in general by not including the new race with the expansion, given that Moria brought out not one but two new *classes* which were included for a far lower price (even with inflation).

  4. 130€ is to much 🙁
    I always bought expansions and for a slighty more ended with Collector when I could, was around 69 or 79 iirc correctly… I think they should decrease 1 step each.

    Should be:
    The Ultimate Fan Bundle 79.99$
    Collector’s Edition 39.99$
    Standard Edition 24.99$

    Unless I win a tournament in poker dont see myself buying the big one, would like to because I play a lot and would like support the game but is away to much and not really offering much apart from outfits and titles. Since I am not thinking play high elf (only play 1 character captain man, not fan of alts ;D ) and the Valar thing also dont need. Some TP’S would indeed be handy.

  5. Thimbur /

    Apparently the house port thing is an item you put in your house/kinhouse which, when you use it, will teleport you to Mordor. Well, that’s exciting, isn’t it? I’d expect a Nazgul to come and pick me up at least. Preferably Sauron himself. With pie.

    • Arred /

      I’ve read that later on the forum. It seems to be something similar to the Moria keg.

  6. Ragnarmir /

    I hope there will be possibility to upgrade your packages. Im gonna buy basic for now, but someday i really want to buy ultimate fan pack…

    Price is too high for collector & ultimate :/

  7. Laurie /

    Done , Hope to see you all on Landroval.. Hugs have fun.. Briannas

  8. Aradathalion /

    As excited as I was to pre-order this, it makes me sad to see the prices. I don’t fault them for this. It is their first independent major release as Standing Stone Games and they need to raise capital. However for players on a budget like myself this is highly disappointing especially since I have been waiting nearly 5 years (and other players even longer) to see Mordor’s evil gates. I will be unfortunately waiting for Black Friday and the sales then to purchase this expansion.

  9. Very much a player on a budget here, and the staggering price for the ultimate fan bundle almost made me have to change my shorts. That’s just not even doable or me, no matter how much I might want to support the game. For someone on Medicaid and food assistance, yeah, no way. I’ve always bought collectors editions in the past since I discovered the game years ago, but that’s just not reality anymore. Maybe when I get approved for Social Security disability and get my backpay, but even then… that’s a whole lot of money. And the drop-off for the collector’s edition is ridiculous. I’ve got 9 character slots already. The High Elf is tempting, but not $40 for a new race, an un-needed character slot, and some cosmetics that will clutter up every toon I have. Plus, another title. Woo-hoo. Just not feeling it for this expac bonuses. Not to the tune of $90, another bill that needs paid.

  10. Question /

    After watching LOTRO Stream about Mordor, they said The Ultimate Bundle will be available after launch date. Does anyone know when the deadline for the Ultimate Bundle will be?

    • Arred /

      Since this isn’t a real pre-order and packages will stay available after the release, there probably isn’t a deadline on this.

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