The Family Line Part 141 – Passing Authority

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Part 141 – Passing Authority

A week passed since the group sent Lily on her journey west from Mithlond. Theomin, Eleswith, Estonethiel and Sergee all returned to Annuminas, taking the journey through the Shire and bringing Krovrin back with them as Toby remained in the Shire to aid the four hobbits who began the battle to take back their home from the strange man, Sharkey.

Magla already left for Bree. His duties were far from over in Bree as he and the rest of the men and women from Bree who aided in the retaking of Annuminas had already departed. Traveling with the army from Trestlebridge and the Eglain, he led his army back west through the Fields of Fornost and south departing from the town of Trestlebridge.

The Dunlandings had also departed from Annuminas. After Magla and the men and women from Trestlebridge, Lone-lands and Bree departed, the Dunlandings too departed from Annuminas. Luckily, Theomin had arrived from Ered Luin just in time to see the Dunlandings off.

It was a long goodbye but Eva knew Theomin would return as he traveled south toward Rohan. None of the other Dunlandings knew of his origin and Eva wanted to keep it that way. There was too much pain between the men of Rohan and the men of Dunland and she wanted to keep the secret safe to not tarnish his standings with the Dunlandings.

“This is our goodbye,” Eva said as she gave Theomin a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “We are departing this morning for Dunland.”

“I wish you could stay,” Theomin said regretfully. “The ceremony is in two days and I wish you not to miss it.”

“With all my heart, I wish we would not,” Eva said. “But the road is long and the men are eager to return. We have taken part in a great event. One that, I hope, would unite all the people of Eriador once again.”

“I wish so too,” Theomin said. “I hope we can once again unite under the banner of Arnor once again.”

“That may soon come,” Eva gladly said. “But for now, Dunland and all of Eriador will remain allies.”

“Are you ready, Eva?” one of the other older Dunlandings yelled out.

“I’m coming,” Eva yelled out to her companion. She looked back to Theomin. “Goodbye, Theomin of the Wold.” Once again, she hugged him tight.

“Goodbye, Eva of Avardin,” Theomin said back to her.

She left with the other contingent of Dunlandings. The army, consisting of thirty-five surviving Dunlandings, turned and marched out of the city. Slowly, they headed north into Men Erain with Eva taking one last look back at Theomin. She nodded to him and turned, not turning again.


Another two days passed and the ceremony was too soon begin. The afternoon came as the sun had already peaked in the sky and began to slowly fall to the west. Those rangers and wardens who remained, gathered on Tyl Annun along with the elves and dwarves who decided to stay for their mates. They gathered as an audience out looking toward the cliff overlooking the lake of Evendim. With Theomin, Estonethiel, Sergee, and Krovrin all standing to the side, the ceremony began with Sergee walking up to address the audience.

“Welcome friends and allies to the new days following the retaking the Annuminas. Many may not know the reason behind this ceremony but those who are apart of it know why we are here. We are gathered here to pass the duties and responsibilities of Marshall from Theomin and Teryndir to two volunteers who have shown remarkable honor, love, and fealty to our cause to retake this ancient city. To pass the duties and responsibilities, it has been a time-honored tradition and not passed lightly. In ancient times, the three jewels were kept in the care of the three races, Men, Elves and Dwarves. For many thousands of years, that has not been the case as they were hid in Rivendell and then used by Isildur to give to three of his bravest men as a token to honor their commitment to serve as Marshalls of Annuminas. But it was because it was Isildur who gave it to men as marshalls, the three jewels of the Amar Calad were kept from dwarves and elves. But now again, will men not be the only holders of the jewels. Now the dwarves and the elves will once again hold them and be caretakers of the city of Annuminas as her Marshalls.” He looked toward the three standing to the side. “Estonethiel and Krovrin, will you please come forward.”

Both Estonethiel and Krovrin came from the side and stood before Sergee, facing away from the audience. Estonethiel on the left and Krovrin on the right. “The volunteers who are taking the burden of Marshalls of Annuminas are Krovrin, son of Kuvron of the Blue Mountains. And Estonethiel, daughter of Haldur, of Rivendell.”

Sergee held up one of the three Amar Calads. The ruby red jewel shined with the light of red as it was close to the other two. “To Krovrin, I present the red Amar Calad. To King Durin this jewel was forged. From the forges of Mirobel by the elf Celebrambor, it was forged and given to not only King Durin in the dwarf realm of Kazad Dum. But it represented not just a gift for the king of dwarves, but to all Dwarves. And so, this jewel will once again return to the care of the dwarves. Step forth Krovrin, son of Kuvron and receive this honor.”

Krovrin stepped forth and bowed his head to receive the jewel. An eruption of applause came from the dwarves as they loudly cheered their kin-mate. Some even stood to applaud Krovrin. Krovrin, on the other hand, slightly shy and embarrassed, just smiled and threw his hand in the air to wave to his kin. His face, covered with his beard, began to change to a red color with a slight sense of awkwardness.

“And Estonethiel,” Sergee said as she came forward and Krovrin stepped back. “This Amar Calad has been through much in the past years. Many hands it has passed through until it finally settled in the care of Theomin. And so it remained the entire time he has been here in
Eriador.” Sergee looked to Theomin, “Theomin, if you please, present the Amar Calad to Estonethiel.” Theomin came forward. He took the Amar Calad from inside his shirt and then removed it from his neck. As Estonethiel bowed her head, he placed the chain around her neck and set it on her. Theomin then walked out of the way as the three stood before all to see. The elves gave a small light clap for their kin-mate, a far cry from the loud boisterous cries of excitement from the dwarves. The three stood before the audience, all wearing the Amar Calad. Sergee with is blue jewel, Krovrin with the red and Estonethiel with Theomin’s green Amar Calad. “Now comes the days of the new Marshalls of Annuminas, and may peace will be here with us all.”

It was when Theomin stepped back that he felt an incredible weight had lifted from him. He had not felt the freedom he felt just then since the night Langhold was attacked so many months back. His task in Eriador was done. All that he set out to do was accomplished and it was then that all he had in

his sight was to return home. The ceremony continued on for a little while longer and there were a few claps as Sergee talked about the roles of Elves and Dwarves in the repair and reestablishment of the city. From protection to commerce, Sergee continued talking about the role of the city. But Theomin heard none of what was said. His thoughts drifted to home and he felt it so close that he could almost touch the wooden beams of his home in the Wold. From the sea of brown dry Wold grass to the smell of the nearby pine tree to the warm humid wind blowing from the east. For only a moment, he felt like he could almost smell the damp odor that came just before a rainfall as he closed his eyes and imagined his homeland. But just as quick as the sensation came, it left him as he heard the crowd clap once more and then begin to disperse and talk amongst themselves.

“How was the ceremony?” Sergee asked Theomin as the crowd broke up.

Just barely back from his day dreaming, he just said, “It went well.”

“You did not hear much of it, did you?” Sergee had to ask.

“No, not much,” Theomin admitted. “Once I gave away the Amar Calad, my mind wandered elsewhere. I cannot explain it.”

“You need not explain it,” Sergee said, “I understand. “You miss your home and wish you were already back.”

“Yes, you are right,” Theomin said. “I miss it very much.”

“Hmm,” Sergee gave a sigh as if having slight gloom. “When will you be leaving us?”

“One day?” Theomin said not sure. “Two days maybe. Nothing more have I keeping me here.”

“You have us,” Sergee said. “We’re here with you.”

“I know,” Theomin said after a long sigh. “But home,” he looked out at the long expanse of the lake, “home is calling for me. Too long have I been gone. I have done all I needed to do here. It is my time to leave.”

“You do have to leave but I wish you didn’t,” Sergee acknowledged. “I feel we have come closer. You are my last remaining brother; the last of my family. Father died and so did our brother. I have no family left with me.”

Theomin smiled and placed a hand on Sergee’s shoulder, “You have Estonethiel. She is your wife and your true companion. We all have our places to go, our things to do. We will always be a part of the Warriors of Eriador. We that are still remaining; You, me, Magla, Estonethiel,” Theomin smiled, “Eleswith.”

“We are truly lucky to still be alive,” Sergee mused. “After all we went through. Taking Annuminas twice, taking Bree, making it through the tunnels under Aman Sul, fighting numerous orcs and Angmarim.” He gave Theomin a playful smack on the shoulder, “You killed two drakes. We stopped Morgoth from coming back. It is amazing that we did all of that and we are still here to tell the tail.”

“It is quite amazing,” Theomin agreed. “Though I choose not to fight any more drakes in my life,” he chuckled. “I choose to lead the quiet life now. Back in Rohan I was a farmer. I choose to go back to that life.”

“I know,” Sergee said. “But once you’ve had this life, it is hard to go back to the peace and calm of the simple life. You will always have this gnawing, bighting need to return to this life danger and adventure. It has happened to too many of my good kin-mates and even some of the simple folk. But who knows, maybe you’ll be able to go back to that life. The life of a farmer.”

“I plan on it,” Theomin said.

“I bet you will,” Sergee said. “He looked at the other Marshalls, Krovrin and Estonethiel, who looked like they were overwhelmed with their new duties. “If you excuse me, I’ll be needing to calm my new Marshalls. They look a little nervous at their new duties.”

“I will come to you when I plan to leave,” Theomin said. “I will not depart until I see you one last time.”

“Don’t you dare break that promise,” Sergee said. “When you leave, you know where to find me.”

With that, Sergee left and Theomin was left at the cliff as he looked out at the lake. It was getting to dusk soon and the setting sun painted the land in an orange tone. Theomin knew it was one of the last times he would see that sight as he moved on through the rest of the city. He wandered back through Tyl Annun and down to the bridge of the Ariant. He remembered the fight as he and the others took back the city of Annuminas. He wandered over the bridge as he recollected the army he had as he advanced over the bridge and the aid Sylderan and Lily gave as they fought though the seemingly unending sea of Angmarim.

At the other side of the bridge, he wandered up and over the hill into Clorhir. Clorhir was the last place he remembered seeing his brother. Dead he was in the arms of Sergee. A sad life he led but it was a life he chose to lead. No one chose for him to do the things he did nor did they choose to conspire with the people he chose to be with. Teryndir made too many choices that forced the hand of Sergee to kill him. As much of an advocate Sergee was for Teryndir, it was ultimately Sergee who had to kill his own brother. It must not have been easy for him as he was on Teryndir’s side until the end. But it was over. There would be no more lies or manipulations of Teryndir. His life and his legacy was over and Theomin had to move on.

He moved over down the path toward the small courtyard the Dunlandings stayed as they mourned their losses. For some reason, that was not the memory in the forefront of his mind. It was retaking it the first time with Eleswith. He remembered the many men he lost that day. He started with his platoon, twenty men, mostly lost that day. Even though it was a difficult day, and that day he also lost his father, it felt like a good day. He could not explain why it was a good day, but it was.

“Reminiscing the past?” a voice came from nearby Echad Garthadir. It was Eleswith back in her old raggedy clothes and Helesdir’s hat.

“Yes,” Theomin said while looking around. “We have spent many months here in Annuminas. It feels like years.”

“Aye, it does,” Eleswith agreed. “I think, though, that we have done all we can. We have done this city a great service, you and I. We are both people who don’t really belong here. But we found friendship with the people here, and in each other. We suffered and succeeded together. We experienced deaths of those that we were close to. We did some things we are not proud of either. But though all of the trials and all the pain, we remained friends. Have we not?”

Theomin smiled, “Aye, we have. And now, I suppose we will travel home together.”

“Home,” Eleswith gave a slight longing chuckle. “It has been so long since I’ve thought of home. But soon we will depart from here and head back to the place that has been foreign to me for many years. I feel, though, that my own personal exile has been long enough. I need not remain here anymore. My time here is ending and though I am anxious to return home, I know it is my time.”

“I feel the same,” Theomin said, “but I did not leave in the same manner you did. You left because of fear of what was to come to Dale. I left to seek my family.” He gave a long pause as he smiled, “I am glad,” he looked at Eleswith, “Very glad to have been your companion until the end.”

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