LOTRO Players News Episode 208: It’s Mordor-y


This week we had two guests and talked about our initial impressions of the Bullroarer preview.

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Bullroarer First Look at Update 21

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: June 23rd-29th

Where Do You Want New Housing?

What’s behind Mordoor number 1

What’s behind Mordoor number 2 – Rating system update

The Family Line Part 140 – To Ered Luin

Poems of the Pine: March of the King





  • Casually strolled into Mordor with Pineleaf’s help
  • Killed a spider RT in the Wastes and figured out how to have Sanswinda NOT gag while doing it
  • Thanks to Teri, I can now take LOTRO with me wherever I go



  • Got Bullroarer updated and Teri copied over just in time to not actually do anything on Bullroarer.
  • Ran part of the Throne of Dread Terror raid with some of the PLOI folks, wiped about half a dozen times on the Mumaks.
  • Did a couple of skirmishes with Maven and Coltyn and ticked two more encounters off on my to-do list, only need two more encounters for Skirmisher of Middle-earth.



  • Casually strolled to the Misty Mountains.



  • Participated in the Massacre of Minstrels in a Draigoch raid
  • Took my first steps into Mordor and saw my skirm soldier get more morale than me.
  • Finally started rereading LOTR and watching Professor Olson’s lecture series.


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Featured Comments

Barnabras left a comment on last week’s episode:

Something not answer with the new player question of the week, is keyboard turning vs. mouse turning. When someone says they use keyboard, does that mean you move with the mouse or the keyboard as well?



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  1. Barnabras /

    I have game name idea for Branick. How about “25 cents to continue”

  2. Ready_Player_One /

    Wow, this show was SUPER AWKWARD To listen to… Like wow.. I felt so sorry for your guest Dreaming Fifi. She was there to promote her book.. and All Teri and Branick did was the same old “Elves” shtick. And I wont ever start with the off color jokes he did.

    Seriously the Whole elves thing is getting old…. we get it you don’t like elves. We all get it.. Don’t play one.. Move on.. it’s a part of the lore.. so you will have to deal with them..

    Just awkward, it was uncomfortable to listen to…

  3. Res_Ipsa /

    Regarding the high elf, given the portrait is golden haired, could the character be someone went to middle earth like another golden haired that we know * cough* Glorfindel *cough*. BTW, Earendil’s parents are Idril and Tuor not Elwing. Elwing’s grandparents are Luthien and Beren.

    I also second the opinion expressed by Ready_Player_One above.

  4. Pjotr /

    Please stop the elves thing. It’s just not funny anymore.

  5. Darowyn /

    This show is going downhill which is sad. It is so uncomfortable to listen to–the dead silences, the constant awkwardness, the stupid sophomoric jokes. Don’t know how much longer I can keep listening.

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