LOTRO Players News Episode 207: A Well-Dressed Killing Machine


This week we discussed the relative value of the Beorning and described how we use our skills.

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Bullroarer to Open June 23rd for Update 21 Beta

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New Player Question

Opinion question: Do you use your mouse to hit your skills, or do you use the keyboard? Or do some combination of both?





  • Landroval!Teri was correctly identified in-game by another player as a “well-dressed killing machine.”
  • The new RK I rolled on Arkenstone last week made it to level 15 during the Field Trip (also discovered why the Academy folks tried Pelargir previously)
  • Completed the Battle of the Way of Smiths skirmish deed on Landroval!Teriadwyn, only ONE SKIRMISH DEED LEFT TO GO for Skirmisher of Middle-earth.



  • Leveled my burglar from 55 to 75 in two days.
  • Went through the Mirkwood intro instance again, this time on my burglar. I’m still not very good at it.
  • Failed Pelargir again… at level 10…



  • Had a midterm this week, so I wasn’t able to do much



  • Was on business travel so was in LOTRO withdrawal most of the week
  • Glordriel finished all thirty lists of the scavenger hunt, but hasn’t yet tried out her anniversary keg
  • Ran Corey’s guardian Wigend on a speed run through the first three years of character lists, trying to get him a horseshoe before we finish up Bingo



  • Completed the anniversary deeds (except for trifles)
  • My champion reached level 70 while Isengard bid five.
  • Joined Andang in his latest minstrel leveling stream. He reached level 99.


News Beyond LOTRO



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Featured Comments

Braag left a comment on last week’s episode:

Seems to me you missed the most obvious choice of all for Week-10 Anniversary Quests theme. The little dude that started it all. Master Baggins! I expect we will be collecting remembrances on a particularly remote island in Goblin-town, Stopping by some statues in the Troll-Shaws, Killing some spiders in Mirkwood, Visiting some Eagles in the Great River, etc!



Braag of Vilya



Last week we got an email that Teriadwyn forgot to put into the show notes.

Trotter wrote:

Thanks for doing these episodes, I really enjoy listening to them.


I would be interested in you talking about the Scavenger Hunts for the 10th Anniversary, after they have finished next week.


I think Sanswinda’s recent comment that she “visited barrows I had never been to before to remember them”, applied to me as well, was the purpose of the Scavenger Hunts to get you to revisit or to make you do content that you may not have done from the last 10 years of the game?


As an example, you could not complete all of the Week 8 quests, unless you had finished Hytbold, and also would love you to comment on the second horseshoe from Week 9, now have two horseshoe’s to keep ?


Thanks again for the show.



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  1. Barnabras /

    Something not answer with the new player question of the week, is keyboard turning vs. mouse turning. When someone says they use keyboard, does that mean you move with the mouse or the keyboard as well?

  2. Bran /

    I am behind a week. For the new player question. I use an MMO mouse, it has 12 buttons on the side to hit skills.
    I mainly use the first 6 on Captain, Champion and warg. With my Loremaster, but I still have some skills I click for wound/poison removal and all the buff debuff pre combat. For my OP furball, I have 1-6 man skills and 7-12 bear skills.

    Regards, Bran

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