Why Do You Craft?


Why do you craft?

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  1. Barnabras /

    Because LOTRO makes me.

  2. Randomwarg /

    Because otherwise I have awful gear and things kill me

    Higher lever crafting is all consuming. I don’t get to play. I need to gather raw materials. I wish the crafting system was changed so high level doesn’t need 3,000,000 ores/wood etc to progress

  3. Potions , scrolls, weapons for the ”newbies”, some pipe-weed for some smoke muaha. (been some years since I crafted some though ;D )
    Useful also for the last jewellery rep from the last update.
    And doesn’t cost much if chatting around or can always do a Elder Scrolls Legends game meanwhile ;D

    Safe travels & good weekend o7

  4. imbeso /

    gear the alts, get some good armour etc main sometimes…hope high lvl crafting were more usefull. makes world feel more living and real when crafts, get ores etc

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