Composer Chance Thomas Returns For Mordor

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Community Manager Cordovan was joined today on the Thursday live stream by none other than Chance Thomas himself. It was announced that he will indeed return to compose the music for Mordor.

Thomas’ work featured in the game since launch up until the Riders of Rohan expansion in 2012. And fans have been very vocal about getting him back for Mordor.

Thomas said he was very excited to be back in Middle-earth and working with the LOTRO Team again.  He also stated that each region in Mordor would sound differently based on their differing landscapes, so it should be very different based on the region you are in.

And there was another tease, he will be back next week for yet another music related announcement.

Watch the highlights here:

Watch the full interview below…



  1. Great News!

    SSG comes through again!

  2. Awesome! His music is outstanding! (I did enjoy Pelennor and Black gate music from other composers also though), but everyone remembers Rohan and Bombadil and such themes *.*
    Welcome back Mr Thomas o7

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