LOTRO Poems #18


Hail Friends! Hope you are all doing well! The sun is shinning bright, spring has said goodbye but weather-man says the unexpected winds of winter are about to make a come back here in northern Italy.

Casual Raiders had a slow week, with some players taking a break from gaming to tend to real life, we have decided to take this time to go back to the basis and do some restructuring and regrouping and rebuilding. On the flip side, we recruited a lot of returning and new players and its a joy spending time with them.

This is a special poem for me. It’s rhyme scheme is based on Tolkien’s ‘Troll Song’ and ‘Root of the Boot’. There was a previous version of this poem, that I wrote for the Exploring The Lord of The Rings series when we hosted Professor Corey Olsen on Brandywine. You can hear me singing it here. So without further ado, I present to you:

Casual in a Raider

Welcome to another heart to heart,
Always together and never apart,
Another adventure is about to start,
In the company of Casual Raiders,
Fraiders, Craiders..
Another adventure is about to start,
In the company of Casual Raiders..

Casual Raiders is the name of the kin,
With Casual Raiders you’ll always win,
Not joining us is just a sin,
You might as well be with mordor,
No door, Hodor..

For Casual Raiders is a safe place,
Brothers in arms from every race,
Slaying monsters that we face,
And they sing the songs of our glory,
Ori, Nori..

Casual Raiders will welcome you all,
Picking you up when you fall,
Shoulder to shoulder and standing tall,
So come have some ale on our Kin Island,
Highland, Pieland..

Now Casual Raiders is three years old,
Filled with the courageous and the bold,
Beautiful people with hearts of gold,
Who like to raid on the Sunday,
Grundy, Monday..

Hope you guys and girls enjoyed this weeks LOTRO Poem. Feel free to let me know in comments. If you want to feature your poem on LOTRO Poems my email is legendraiderx@gmail.com.

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Be good and have a wonderful day, Namarie!

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