How Would You Revamp PvMP?


How would you revamp PvMP?

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  1. colin cashman /

    Get rid of the keep and O/P buffs, put orc camp and elf camp back to their original spots,make the npc’s a lot stronger.

  2. Snigorcs /

    Buff monster players.

    The reason I don’t play PvMP is that as a level 1 creep, I am cannon fodder to even pretty new Freeps. Because of that, it is not fun to run into battle, be target practice for 30 seconds, die and respawn back at base, where I have to run for several minutes just to die again.

    I’ve even tried to complete some of the monster PvE quests to gain experience so I can increase my survivability in PvMP battles, but invariably run into a roving band of Freeps and die.

    You can’t gain experience, so you don’t level up, and eventually you don’t return. What about adding a MPvE area that Freeps can’t enter, allowing a Creep to gain experience on their alt to buff themselves up and just, generally get to know how the fight mechanics work.

  3. Well, as a newish player who is only level 90, I’ve never been given an incentive to try it. It’s kind of just there in the menu. I think most players would prefer a PvP element that didn’t involve playing an entirely separate character, but I believe I’ve read that the license wouldn’t allow for that.

  4. Emraneth /

    First, I would balance damage, mits and morale between creeps and freeps. To do this I would do away with audacity for creeps and make it a creep only stat to allow for creep morale levels to be dropped to par with freeps. Then you would just need to increase creep dps. Secondly, I would give creeps some places to run free on the general landscape, like the part of Angmar with all elites, somewhere particularly nasty in Moria, and in the forthcoming Mordor. I would want them to scale to the area. Pre-battle Osgiliath would have been great but the dedicated board did not work because it made the fight too repetative.

    • Emraneth /

      Also, creeps need to bump up faster at low levels so they have fighting chance. nothing suck more than a warg’s first day in the Moors without a pack

  5. baldwinp /

    I would reduce the grind in the rest of the game. The only time I really spend any time in the Moors is when my main character is capped, but these days it seems like there is always something more to be working on, which means my creeps never get played.

  6. Tear it out by the roots and never look back. There are dozens of dedicated pvp games in the wild that can scratch that itch. Shoehorning it into LOTRO has been a mistake from the very start and has affected the development cycle negatively ever since.

  7. Braag /

    I like Andang’s idea about mitigating armor stats in some way so that rebalancing does not need to happen after every release as clearly the Dev team does not have time for that. I don’t like the idea of losing all the stats my freep grinds so hard for, but it’s better than not playing at all due to imbalance.
    I also agree that cross-map impacts/buffs should be changed to motivate objective based play and most of all, find ways to encourage grouping! Too Many solo players out there as very few like to lead groups. Maybe a raid leader could be compensated with greater renown, the more people are in his group to motivate more grouping and group members also gain more renown or commedations than when soloing. The more grouping there is, the less the imbalance of 1 v 1’s matters…

    Lastly, here is an idea to motivate more PvMP play overall. Make Audacity a 6th virtue slot that actually benefits your character in PVE as well. NOT a big impact, but just enough for completionists/harcore players to want to work at maxing it over time.

    – Braag

  8. Corell /

    I personally would love to See some of the skirmish features applied for monsterplayers. Letting every creep have a pack of let’s say 4 soldiers of the Same race outfitted like the classic skirmish soldiers with s trainer. Also open up all skills and traits to Focus the learning curve on combinations and Trial. Would that directly Balance things? Probably not but it would be one heck of fun to See.
    Finaly open up the World map to creePS and let them roam, without allowing them to directly attack players. Adjust the Level of the creep as he enters a map, the levelinformation is already given. Let them use the skirmish soldier function to control copies of the Mops Players are fighting anyway. For example select a mop use the summon horn/howl and create four copies of that mop that follow the creep but vanish when entering a new map. Imagine the new found wonder of players having smarter Mobs to Face.

    So basicly screw the balancing of numbers, that may take months and only add little flavor or magic, but adding creep controlled Mobs to the playerjourney adds newfound magic and aww something to stand out with in the crowd of mmos

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