LOTRO Poems #17



Hail Friends! Guess who is back! Did you guys miss me? 

Life has been busy, with work and my Kinship and 3 million other hobbies, it was very hard to keep up with the weekly Tolkien inspired poetry. So many times I wanted to publish what little poetry I wrote but I just didnt want to publish something which wouldn’t have done justice to the Tolkienverse.

Casual Raiders recently celeberated their 3rd anniversary(You can check out the Video here). The kinship is standing tall and has become one of Brandywine’s largest kinship with active players from all around the globe. 

This poem is a continuation of “Estel” series of poems. Last time we met Aragorn, he was fighting the enemy along with Legolas and Gimli and Boromie died trying to save the hobbits. If you haven’t read the previous 8 parts, I highly encourage you to read them before this poem, Part 1, Part 2Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8.

Estel (part 9)

Merry and pippin were taken, Frodo and Sam were gone,
The fellowship broken, was there any point in going on?

Legolas, me and Gimli, we decided to carry on,
To rescue the hobbits from Isengard, from Saruman,

The fate of Frodo and Sam out of sight,
We followed the uruks day and night,

For days we ran in constant pursuit,
This tireless enemy. fearless and brute,

We came across the riders of Rohan, fair and tall in height,
Eomer of the mark, and his companions, who slew the uruks in night,

We asked them about the hobbits, the halflings,
They claimed to have seen none, we discussed some other things,

The hope once again tried to escape me, failure of Aragorn,
But my instinct told me to carry on the search, into fangorn.


Hope you guys and girls enjoyed this weeks LOTRO Poem. Feel free to let me know in comments. If you want to feature your poem on LOTRO Poems my email is legendraiderx@gmail.com.

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