LOTRO Players News Episode 198: Living and Dying in Forochel


This week we discuss upcoming events in LOTRO, including the 10th Anniversary Celebration.

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Community Events: April 14th-20th

LOTRO Academy: 140 – Levels 66 to 75

The Eriador Philharmonic Orchestra in Concert: Spring 2017

The Family Line Part 130 – Sacrifice

Antipodean Writer: Fingolfin’s Fall: The Last Ride



New Player Question

What reputation factions are worth working on?




  • I got a Little Mumak Pet!!!! (And some pies :D)
  • Rode on the bottom of a river over some falls, died before even falling, and saw memories of Frodo and Sam in Ithilien.
  • Leveled my champion—realized, belatedly, that one of the reasons I was struggling with him was because all his gear (armor, weapons, jewelry, pocket) were 10-17 levels lower than him. Oops! New gear made a huge difference.



  • Accompanied Wigend and gang through the next portion of Bingo, would have gotten farther except we got stuck at Helm’s Deep with Corey looking at EVERYTHING
  • Glordriel did her first Towers of the Teeth resource fellowship instance, way better than Skoirunk!
  • Got reacquainted with my hobbit warden, finished off all the chores in Tur Morva and is ready to go talk to the chieftain (cue dangerous music)



  • Froze to death in Forochel for the first time and helped bring about a wedding
  • Finally found a decent rhythm/order for my skills on my champ
  • Went on the Academy Field Trip, where we created new characters, grouped in Celondim, and attempted an Epic Battle



  • Led the Grrlz of Middle-earth into Draigoch, then ended up being the last one to make it through the gauntlet on Saryssa.
  • Landroval!Teriadwyn made it to Aragorn’s camp near the Wastes sooner than intended, mocked Sanswinda from the top of a rock. 🙂
  • Ran all over North Ithilien still not picking flowers.



  • During the field trip, we attempted the fellowship version of Pelargir while level 12.
  • When I ran the skirmish tutorial on a new character, I decided to see if it would allow me to run the second tutorial at Tier 2. Yes, you can do it.
  • Headed into South Ithilien to see if I could get some rep with the rangers.


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Featured Comments

Vethlo left a comment on last week’s LPN:

Skepto Shireskald has posted a video “(Most of) Ziggy Piecrust and the Badgers to the Stars” on his YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/4EiaGLz4Z0o



Vethlo writes:

I was listening to a recent episode of the MMOsketeers podcast, episode #194 “Inquest on Fire”. Starting at 1:02:36, they talk about the Cloudbleed bug which, to cut a long story short, can cause people’s passwords to be revealed. At 1:07:05:10 they say the Patreon was one of the sites affected by Cloudbleed and people should change their passwords. A Google search returned this blog post on the Patreon site “Change your passwords: Patreon on the #Cloudbleed list“.

I can’t remember you mentioning it on the LOTRO Players podcast or seen a post about it on your site, so if you haven’t then you might like to alert your Patreon supporters about this.


Vethlo, a hobbit of every server you care to mention


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