LOTRO Players News Episode 197: An Oliphaunt and a Pie


Pie, oliphaunts, and a guest… Oh my!

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New Player Question

What is a universal ingredient pack?





  • Draigoch!!!!!!!!!
  • Friendly Mumak!!!!!!!!!!
  • Was offered a kings’ ransom for helping some guys—asked for a pie and an oliphaunt instead.



  • Leveled up the usual suspects
  • Went on the Academy Field Trip and helped to find a dangerous “Black Rider” in the Shire for the first time
  • Accidentally skirmished very irresponsibly



  • Received a Swan-knight friend in the mail from Maven, so Landroval!Teri has a new fanboy to follow her everywhere: Imralmost.
  • Lore-master did some riddling in Rivendell and leveled up to 44.
  • Arkenstone mini went up a whopping 4 levels during the field trip, running around in yellow line.



  • Went warging with Ara on our Monday stream, then freeping with kinnies
  • Did one of my favorite epic instances in parallel with Sans and Teri (hint: /w baruk khazad!)
  • Paid it forward by escorting chickens on a Rivendell run. All except the gold chicken made it.



  • RK
  • Burglar
  • Update 20 Epic



  • My video champion reached Moria.
  • During a Thangulhad run, my ballista hit scared eight birds away from a Falconer.
  • My Crickhollow warden reached one million total marks earned.


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Featured Comments



Trotter writes:

Thank you very much for the advice in the last episode, that made the Pale Followers (Advanced) deed so much easier to complete.


I have now completed my goal of getting all 20 virtues to level 19, some are higher but all are now at least level 19, no racial bonus applied and no cheating like buying from the LOTRO store.


Should I recommend this for players of the game, probably no, as your Alts would benefit more from their equipped virtues being increased, than having 15 virtues at 19 that you are not using.


If you do decide to go down this route, then it takes a very long time to complete, you are looking at about completing 500 LOTRO deeds to do this, but you get ,as was pointed out lots of LOTRO points, numerous titles, and you complete meta-deeds, so get Steel Keys and lootboxes.


You also get to complete areas like Carn Dûm, Urugarth and Barad Dúrgul, which a lot of players may never have visited. I have found this to be much more interesting than flower picking.


One last point that I was very pleased with is that the Devs put some thought into this, and the last deed that I got to 19 was aptly named, Patience, as it should be



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  1. Skepto Shireskald has posted a video “(Most of) Ziggy Piecrust and the Badgers to the Stars” on his YouTube channel. https://youtu.be/4EiaGLz4Z0o

  2. Squirle /

    Audio issue on the video with only left audio?

    • Thimbur /

      Yes, I noticed that as well. Thought my audio had gone wonky but it was just the video.

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