LOTRO Players News Episode 191: Things That Should Never Be Seen


This week we say farewell to Karvett and discuss the first issue of The LOTRO Beacon.

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The Family Line Part 123 – Eastward Bound



New Player Question

How important are virtues and do you have a favorite virtue?




  • Hobbit Guardians are soo much fun, busted kneecaps for days.
  • Roving threats have made Forochel much more “interesting” and cardiovascular.
  • F2P tip: Save the Writ of Special Passage you get from your Intro “welcome” gift packages.  They are GREAT for running about later on, esp when you don’t have access to swift travel.



  • Finished class quests for the hunter I leveled rather quickly and started contemplating virtues.
  • Pretended to be a Swan Knight in the Minas Tirith epic battles. I’m sure they couldn’t tell the difference…
  • I survived the Mirkwood Landing Intro Instance for the first time! (And discovered it could be done with up to 3 people despite saying “solo instance.”)



  • Did the trio of Esteldin epic instances with Arathaert, amazing how easy they were!
  • Ran “that” group of quests in Minas Tirith Besieged
  • In the course of mat gathering for my other alts, my firstborn discovered she had not gotten very far with quests in the Broadacres (due to a particularly nasty instance), so she is tying that loose end up



  • Arkenstone Hunter did some more grinding toward the Shire meta-deed.
  • RK Lashillien went splat in the epic story.



  • Arkenstone hunter finished off the east Rohan epic and headed into Wildermore
  • My champion reached level 43 and started questing in the Misty Mountains. Personally, I think the quests flowed better before the revamp than after.
  • Recorded my response to Andang’s question on how I would rate the expansions.



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This week we received an email from a Russian player Тимур Вильданов (Timur-Vildan):

“Hello! Please return hunter skill blood arrow regen moral 20 % instantly. Thank you.”


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