LOTRO Players News Episode 190: Sanswinda’s Time-out


This week we add a new member to the LPN team and hear part of a poem.

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Downtime Wednesday, February 15 for a Hotfix


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Community Events: February 17th-23rd

The Family Line Part 122 – The Cruelty of Fornost

Antipodean Writer: Lost stanzas to: West of the Moon, East of the Sun

Critters Journey [52] Pies are taking For long


New Player Question

Are there any things that can help hit higher level mobs? Especially red mobs? Maybe from hobbit presents or crafted things like bow chants? Or do those not really work against anything higher than your level? Also, do they work while mounted on a warsteed?




  • Imbued Maven’s LIs and am now grinding winterfest and MT dailies to load up on crystals and scrolls
  • Wrapped Meyvan up and gave her to Sanswinda for her birthday (more on that later)
  • Did Bingo quest with Corey and Mythgard Adventures, Corey and Bingo are now the farthest from The Shire than they’ve ever been



  • My Arkenstone minstrel wrapped up book 6 of the Moria epic and is ready to head to Mirkwood.
  • I rode my war steed off the prow of Minas Tirith with Maven and Teri, and I survived, only to get logged off while riding towards the open gate. I logged back on in the corner…
  • The human hunter I’ve been leveling to get to wildermore got ran over by a warband and then killed by that warband after using desperate flight to try to get away from them. Beware of your location and rogue warbands. Also, hobbits can flop. That is an advantage…



  • Challenge mini is nearing the end of Volume 3 of the epic story.
  • Led the Grrlz of Middle-earth through the Haudh Valandil featured instance, with some minor challenges…
  • Arkenstone hunter Alistriel said farewell to Evendim and started questing in the Trollshaws.



  • During the field trip, killed numerous Globsnaga then dealt with a dark warden.
  • My minstrel ran the Roamingstar quests and reached level 105.
  • My champion reached the MIsty Mountains and level 41.



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