LOTRO Players News Episode 187: Mordor Express

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This week we talked about the producer’s letter and said goodbye to Andang.

Game News

2017 Producer’s Letter


Store Sales

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LOTRO Players News

Players Alliance Changes/Andang’s Last Show

Community Events: January 27th-February 2

Exploring Lord of the Rings: The Mantle

Exploring Lord of the Rings: Beating The Bounds

Find the funny in Middle-Earth

The Family Line Part 119 – Trials of Eleswith

A peak into critters, Help i’m 105 guide (Critters Journey)

The House of Beorn Chapter 17 – A Light in the Darkness





  • Made a video reacting to High Elves (starter instance elf)
  • Recorded a champion roundtable with LOTRO Academy
  • Toured a cool fan house



  • Survived Goblin Town again, didn’t realize there is a hint that one of the other prisoners down there was a female dwarf.
  • Blasted through Ch 6 of Vol 1 Epic
  • Moved into Forochel to level until 50 or so.



  • Got Terifluffz out in the Moors, she’s now 72% of the way to Rank 8.
  • Ran some tier 2 duo skirms with Sanswinda, then did the 3-man T1 and T2 of Storm on Methedras.


  • She talked about her week.



  • Brushed off my Arkenstone captain and reached level 101.
  • Brushed off my Crickhollow Beorning and reached level 101.
  • Teriadwyn would call this a lowlight: while fighting against the goblin friend in Evendim, I has to use Sprint to run away when things got a little rough.



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