Exploring Lord of the Rings: The Mantle


Chapter 1: A Long Expected Party (Part 3)

Greetings fellow scholars,

Sorry I missed posting this article in time for LPN.

The community of Arkenstone were our hosts for this talk, the last look at Chapter 1. The Professor (Corey not JRR) led a detailed discussion looking at the conversation between Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf. (After the Party).

Lilikate’s field trip to the mantle at Bag End.

What does Gandalf know or not know about Bilbo’s ring? How important and what exactly is Gandalf’s influence over Bilbo? Could Bilbo have left the ring on the mantle without aid? Bilbo’s action here is unique in the lore of Middle-Earth. He had possessed (or been possessed) by the ring of power for so many years but gave it away (almost) willingly.

Tune in to listen to the whole class here.



  1. I have two points I’d like to make, it is possible that the Rabbit room was named so after a bit of rhyming slang…”Rabbit and Pork”=Talk eg ‘She would not stop Rabbitting!’

    And I am not sure I have ever heard a “well to do” person call a Waist-coat a Weskit… Weskit is more likely to be heard by those speaking with a South-western dilect.

    Happy to be prooved wrong 🙂

    • Thimbur /

      I think that Gaffer Gamgee uses weskit when Sam returns to the Shire. “What’s come of his weskit?” Not a posh person, I agree, though a fine fellow.

    • Phil Boswell /

      It wouldn’t surprise me if the kind of person who pronounces “Featherstonhaugh” as “Fanshaw” might say it like that, like half the people in P.G.Wodehouse books for example 😉

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