High Elves – New Playable Race With Mordor Expansion


In an interview with Massively Overpowered, LOTRO’s Executive Producer talked about a new playable race they are looking at adding with the Mordor expansion.

“Q. You’ve stated that you’re working on expansions for both DDO and LOTRO. Are there any new features or classes planned for them on top of more quests and regions?

A. Rob Ciccolini: Yes. For [LOTRO’s] Mordor expansion, we are looking at the High Elf as a new playable race, and we are adding a system that allows players to pledge their sword to Men, Elves, Dwarves, or Hobbits in their battle against Mordor.”

The interview also talked about the player avatar upgrades, mentioning that there should be a UI option to change between the old and new avatars.


  1. Leandir /

    Love the idea of High Elves! I’m very curious to hear more!

  2. Barnabras /

    I cry Gimmick!!!!

  3. I thought this was a bad joke going around the servers chat channels. I’d rather have a bigger map, less lag, etc. But at least it won’t suck as much as the teddy bear class.

  4. I’d be excited to play a High Elf character. I imagine they’d be a race/class unto themselves as the Beornings are? As far as there being only 10 in Middle-earth at the time of the War of the Rings, that’s pure speculation, and vastly underestimated I warrant. Given everything else we have in LOTRO that is counter to Tolkien’s novel–Hobbits riding war-horses anyone?–I don’t think High Elves as a playable race is out of line.

  5. Nfld /

    I say monster play needs a little love. Give us Cargul!

  6. if you do it do it right more magical with custom traits and possibly new class for them

  7. Rhonda /

    Why is “my race not compatible” with any of E
    Hengstacers horses? New high elf class….level 20, want my horse

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