LOTRO Players News Episode 184: Evil Hot Chocolate


This week we had Cordovan on to answer questions about Mordor and Standing Stone Games.

Game News

Update 20 currently targeted for February

Bree Town’s New Lore Hall



Q. If not much is really changing in the development of LOTRO, why did you make the move to Standing Stone Games?  Would it not have been easier to stay with WB?

Q. On DDO Players News you said the LOTRO expansion will be worked on before the DDO Expansion.  Does that mean we could see the Mordor expansion in the second or third quarter instead of the normal Q4?

Q. Will we see a closed beta with the new expansion?

Q. Some Turbine employees were involved in Shadow of Mordor.  Were any members of the Shadow of Mordor team going to be involved/consulted in the development of the Mordor expansion?  If so, are they still involved after the move to Standing Stone Games?

Q. What topics can we expect to learn about in the new Producer’s Letter?

Q. Any new information on plans for LOTRO’s 10th Anniversary?


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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: January 6th-12th 

Exploring Lord of the Rings: A New Tolkien Learning Experience

The Family Line Part 116 – To Stem the Black Tide


New Player Question

Each host: What is your favorite tip about any of the Winterfest quests?





  • Helped the nail guy in Gondor
  • Continued to help keep a ranger camp ‘secret’
  • Made a news report on the new scholar’s hall in Bree



  • Spent time in the Misty Mtns dodging roving threats in order to grab ore, F2P stream.
  • Watched the final quest for Helegrod and the elves celebrating the death (again) of the dragon zombie.
  • Ran F2P Champ about in LL, found a new route through the spider canyon in Minas Eriol.



  • Treasure Hunt/Yulefest Craziness
  • Exploring the Lore Hall as Antiquities
  • Hobnanigans with Maven Co-commentating



  • Stage managed the first class of the new lore course
  • Figured out the flower thing in North Ithilien and got Glordriel all new NI armor
  • Went with Grrrlz to help a dwarf guardian finish out his outfit, which meant doing Vile Maw and Grand Stair





  • Streamed the toast in honor of Tolkien’s 125th Birthday
  • Working on Extra Life donations
  • Working through the Epic Story



  • During the Arkenstone Academy field trip, we ran Grand Stair. This is the first time that I got one of the drums from the Beast.
  • My Crickhollow Lore-master ran a few skirmishes and reached level 104.
  • My champion reached level 29. The real surprise was that my gold hobbit present was a set of Agility tomes. These were promptly sent to my warden.



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Himagain writes:

“Greetings my fellow Lotroians.
I will get right to the point and let you get back to your business.

Solo player that just entered level 40 and looking to group with others.  I never had to setup combat options to play in a group.  What Combat Options should I be looking for?  Would the options be different between a 2-3 man group and or a 4-6 man group?

Looking at the tool tips some are straightforward but others are “Huh”??

Thank you for your time and the effort you give to this great game.
Himagain of Arkenstone”

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  1. ONISHI! That shout-out gave me goose-bumps. Moved me to weep tears of joy. It was way better than Cats, I want to hear it again and again!

    • Onishi /

      Funny story, per my Patreon donation level, the more episodes you listen to the more likely you are to hear then repeat that sentence! It is pretty amazing, I know…

      Besides, the best part of being a Dwarf is how difficult it is to knock me off of the hill…

  2. Not a bad show other than one of the co-hosts making excuses for SSG when it comes to adding seating mechanics to chairs. One of the co-hosts claimed it was too complicated to be done with is utter BS.

    This is the 21st century and there are more games than those that don’t have furniture players can interact with. SSG needs to overcome Turbine’s failing in this area when it comes to adding better RP mechanics in a RP-heavy game.

  3. Great show, but over the past two episodes the hosts have exclaimed how the move to SSG with the IP is unprecedented in the industry. I’d encourage you to not forget Broadsword, which was formed from EA Mythic and took over the Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot MMOs. A very similar situation and worthy of examination.


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