LOTRO Players News Episode 183: Across from the Cat Lady


This week we talk about events in the coming new year.

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: December 30th-January 5th

“Exploring The Lord of the Rings” Begins Tuesday January 3rd

The Family Line Part 115 – Forthcoming Doom

Critters Journey anniversary + Happy holiday

Poems of the Pine: The Waters of Isengard





  • Set up a new camera
  • Doubled my laptop’s ram (for editing)
  • Helped the rangers keep their camp ‘safe’
  • Started a Volume 4 series



  • Yulefest and Treasure Hunt
  • Bounder Bababile Stream
  • Continued through Central Gondor
  • One week from Hobnanigans



  • Yulefest, Yulefest, Yulefest for myself, and Mrs Karv
  • Ran Beorning through Epic Vol 1: LL and ND then went to Trollshaws, unlocked books
  • I love when new folks wander into the twitch stream and ask questions about the game, F2P and whatever class I’m playing. Happens every week.
  • Read a LOT of LOTR related content in Adventures in Middle-earth



  • On the stream with Arathaert, we had a group of 25ish levels run all three GB instances, then went on to save the Bells of Dale. Good times.
  • Ran through all the Roving Threats in western Gondor with a 7-person fellowship (aka an incomplete raid), and we were so full of ourselves we went after the raid-level Mumakil RT in Osgiliath. Smoosh.
  • Running up to 10 alts a day through Yule Fest plus North Ithilien dailies. Except for when it gets too tedious.
  • Glordriel managed to score 2 pieces of the new North Ithilien gear. Will be making and slotting essences after Yule Fest.



  • On the field trip, we ran some small fellowship skirmishes.
  • Completed my Beorning series by finishing the latest part of the epic.
  • While running the new content on my warden, I wondered why an apprentice healer has twice the morale of a seasoned warden.
  • Ran some skirmishes with Andang to reach level 95.



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Onishi writes:

Good morning (all possible meanings intended, of course!)

Let’s say you’re gearing a new account up from Free-2-Play but the person doesn’t want to make the monthly commitment of a subscription.  What would be the first 10 “essential” purchases this new account should shoot for?  I’ve considered Riding, lifting the Currency Cap, the Expansion packs (which I count as 1 thing,) and I’m looking at the Evendim, Eregion, and Forochel (or Angmar) quest packs.  Am I missing anything?  I’m a little ‘purchase-blind’ as a Lifer and I tend to take my level of access for granted.

Really feeling my Lifer Privilege here, but still at your service and your family’s,
Onishi of Landroval

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