LOTRO Players News Episode 182: What What Whaaaaat??


This week we talk about the huge news involving Standing Stone Games.

Game News

LOTRO Leaves Turbine/WB And Forms New Studio Standing Stone Games

LOTRO License Renewed, Now Stop Worrying About It

Character Revamp Upcoming With Mordor?

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week December 23rd – January 2nd

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: December 23rd-29th

The Buggins Returns…

Volume 3 Fully Voiced Video Series

The Family Line Part 114 – The Father of Evil

Poems of the Pine: Helm’s Deep





  • Streamed with Pineleaf and Spridra



  • Refined Hobnanigans LIVE Scoreboard – Maven to commentate next Hobnanigans, Jan 7
  • Attending Yulefest – Winter Wind Steed – 12 Days of Yulefest song
  • Enjoyed Ales & Tales with Tolkien Professor



  • Introduced Narnion and his ginger haired sidekick to Ales & Tales and set Forte on fire.
  • Managed to get through the Mirkwood Bingo quests with Mythgard Adventures
  • Grinded (ground?) the Yule Festival and gave Sanswinda a quest tour



  • On Arkenstone, I ran the Moria portion of Bingo Boffin.
  • My Crickhollow Lore-master reached level 102 running quest in Minas Tirith.
  • On my main warden, I started running the new content. I also noticed that Daywalker Berserkers are back to their old skin.



  • Yule Festival, Lots Of It
  • Had to buy new House’s/Kinhouses on servers as someone (me) forgot to pay the bills.



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