Poems of the Pine: Helm’s Deep


It is now time for war.

Book 13 – Helm’s Deep

We rushed to the ford
But Rohan fell back
To the stronghold where Helm
Hammerhand prevailed.
Isengard’s forces
Flowed from the North
To prepare an assault
To punish the Mark.
The dike was downed
By Dunlendings and orcs
Then the walls were broken
By the unbearable force.
We were forced to flee
Into faceted caves
Where the crystals glittered
To Gimli’s delight.
There we found the Falcon,
A foe from our past,
Who came to clear
The caves of our friends.
We fought the chief
Till a child laid him low
Then stemmed the forces
Of our foes in the deeps.
In the light of dawn
The lost returned
Gathered by Gandalf the White
The returned riders
Routed our foes
Who then fled into a walking wood.

It is time to head to Isengard an confront the treacherous wizard.

Pineleaf Needles

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