Poems of the Pine: War in the Westemnet


Pinesong on Stage

We roam throughout Rohan helping where we can.

Book 12 – War in the Westemnet

With the city preparing
For the southern road
We went ahead
To herald the news.
There Ellen Fremedon
Refused to care
Till we killed the wargs
That crept nearby.
Then we rode to Aldburg,
Rohan’s old seat,
Where decay had crept
Into the crumbling homes.
There we tracked waggoneers
Whose trip was stopped
Till saved with the help
Of Horn and Nona.
Then we returned to Edoras
Where trouble had come
From a man who sided
With the serpent tongued.
He fled to Stoke
Where he struck a guard
Then ran from sight
Into silent lands.
We stalked our prey
To the Stonedeans with care
But the trail was truly cold.
We sought the words
Of a soothsayer old
Who said Horn shall be hewed in war.

We must now head into the thick of a battle.

Pineleaf Needles

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