LOTRO Players News Episode 180: Ranger Party Pool


This week we talk about community events and the rangers.

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: December 9th-15th

LOTRO Academy: 2016 After School Special

The Family Line Part 112 – Cleansing the Village

Critters Journey [49] Returning tailspins


New Player Question

If you are in combat, can you use stable horses?





  • Ran my Gladden OP mini Maevenn around The Shire for relaxation therapy. Almost finished with all the deeds.
  • Had a great night warbanding and roving threatening with a group that included Teri and Sanswinda.
  • Did Bells of Dale then Flight to the Lonely Mountain when we added some more people, then went skraiding responsibly…at least we were responsible for the chaos!


Karvett Logsplitter

  • Ran my F2P Beorning through most of the North Downs in my longest stream ever – 7 + hours.  Yes, Mrs Karv WAS out of town, why do you ask?
  • Mucked about Moria on the Beardkissers… the soggy depths of Moria aren’t good for beard health.
  • Blitzed the Shire for TP on my lowbie champ…. Just for fun while watching Star Trek.



  • RK Lashillien levelled up to 103 and got her banner of the king emote before going splat trying to hunt roving threats.
  • Arkenstone!Teri went to Wildermore, but instead of playing in the snow I played paper dolls with last week’s new mini.
  • Ran around Minas Tirith on a level 16 cappy to get screenshots for my latest blog post.



  • The field trip group visited a dead balrog and collected some glowing growing crystals.
  • My champion hit level 20 while questing in the Barrow Downs.
  • My Beorning reached a secret hideout of the rangers. Was I allowed to say that?


News Beyond LOTRO

Adventures in Middle-Earth: Loremaster’s Guide Cover Revealed


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