LOTRO Players News Episode 177: Middle-earth Linguistics Merit Badge


This week we talk about LOTRO lore and our week in LOTRO.

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LOTRO Lore Talk with Tolkien Scholars

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LOTRO Players News

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  • Completed Mirkwood on my F2P account…. Skirms, new to me quests, etc.
  • Finally answered the age old question about a certain dwarf in Moria and LIs.



  • Finished Bingo
  • Now will be doing Bingo on my 105 LM once she gets the horseshoe
  • Went through Pelargir Epic Battle with Sanswinda and Lashilien (Teri)…misery loves company (and thanks to cableknitdragon!)



  • Engaged in troll diplomacy
  • Streamed with Bludborn



  • Ran some Tier 2 duo skirms with Landroval!Teri, still killing things with ease.
  • Arkenstone!Teri got kicked out of Edoras, and my lowbie captain got a makeover.
  • Played with my mother this morning, 10% quest completion, 90% directing her to stop running away from me…



  • On Arkenstone, our field trip ran A Flight of Drakes. I was apprehensive since we were a little underleveled but both groups managed to complete it. We then started Moria.
  • My Beorning ran quests in post-battle Osgiliath.
  • My champion killed some spiders near Archet.


News Beyond LOTRO

Fantasy Flight Games Holiday Sale

Antipodean Writer: Gandalf’s Fall


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