Poems of the Pine: Snows of Wildermore


Pinesong on Stage

Barred from heading west, we head into the mountains instead.

Book 10 – Snows of Wildermore

Banished from the West
And barred from crossing
The Silver Waters
Of Snowbourn River,
We continued our fight
Against foes of the Mark
Till we found the harp
Of Horn’s mentor.
Then word reached us
Of Wildermore’s plight
Where winter and cold
Kept a firm hold.
We searched the snows
Till we saw the might
Of Núrzum, a giant
Of unnatural strength.
To help us fight
The fell giant
We searched the Balewood
For a sleeping ent.
To wake Leaflock
We loudly fought
The orcs that defiled
The forest’s bounds.
Leaflock did wake
The woods that slept
To fight the foes of the forest.
And Nona we found
To renew our group
As we left the wilds of Wildermore.

Was our exile lifted while we were away?

Pineleaf Needles

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