Poll: How Many More Doors Until Mordor?


We know there will be at least one more update before the potential Mordor expansion so we are wondering; How many more doors until Mordor?

How many more doors will be added to LOTRO before Mordor?

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  1. How many Mordors until more doors? ;p

  2. Squirle /

    Do we count portals as doors?

  3. Lsuman /

    I have the same question as Squirle, plus this one: Do the doors need to be ones we can enter or are non-enterable ones valid as well?

  4. One. A VEEEERRRYYY Big one. Need a whole army just to knock.

  5. Arduinn /

    I don’t see a lot of doors in the Dagorlad. Just the really obvious one.

  6. Glorgnorbor /

    Just a few Mordors to go…

  7. Barnabras /

    One, Two, Three. Three doors to get to the center of Mordor.

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