LOTRO Players News Episode 172: Cordovan Says No


This week we talk with Cordovan about Update 19 and beyond.



  • When will Update 19 be released?
  • Diogovpires asks: “Will the Palantir Preview Program accept a larger quantity of players now that the councils are coming at an end?”
  • Diogovpires asks: “Are there any plans to increase the communication between developers and players, specially when it comes to class changes discussion?”



  • What made the team decide to add Premium Housing now instead of previous or future updates?
  • Will we see more Premium Housing areas outside of Gondor?
  • Will players ever be able to own more than one non-premium house?
  • PkCrichton asks: “What is the technical issue behind this decision to only allow 1 kinhouse instead of 1 Classic/Old and 1 Premium Kin house?”
  • PkCrichton asks: “Are players going to be able to be EVICTED from these houses that they bought with Mithril Coins/TP/Real Money?”
  • Diogovpires asks: “Any plans for revamping classic housing in the future?”
  • Gilnaure asks: “Do you have plans to add training dummies as (useful) decorations for houses?”
  • Gilnaure asks: “Do you have plans to add real mirrors as housing decorations? Like those are in Bree-town.”



  • When will the expansion be for sure confirmed/denied?
  • Tirian asks: “What is the timeframe for future updates/expansions? Ie: Quarterly, half yearly?…”
  • Anon asks: “Should we be hyped for the 10 Year Anniversary?”



  • If we get an expansion, will Chance Thomas be returning to do the music?
  • Gilnaure asks: “Will a new LOTRO soundtrack be released anywhere?”


Class Balance

  • Diogovpires asks: “It’s a common opinion that the hunter is still not competitive to the major dps classes like the RK, the champ or the wardens. In which update are you guys planning for further adjustments to the class? Is there anything you can say about what’s upcoming for the hunters that is not coming for U19?”
  • Orodalf asks: “Are fixes to other classes planned/in the works?”
  • Diogovpires asks: “Any plans to revamp fellowship manoeuvres in the foreseeable future?”



  • Will all the instances ever be in the featured instance rotation at the same time?
  • Slaug asks: “Why are raid set bonuses so weak and useless for most classes?”
  • Jimmy asks: “Will older raids like Tower of Orthanc be revamped?”


  • PkCrichton asks: “In Build 3 of U19’s beta run the Flower Nodes were confined to about 20% of the North Ithilien Map. What is being done to increase this so that players will have a better time obtaining these ‘must have’ items for bartering? Why is it that South Ithilien hasn’t also had flowers added to it as it has been said time and again that Ithilien itself is where all these great herbs were found and yet South Ithilien hasn’t had these Flowers added to it? Spreading the player load between the South Ithilien/Before Battle and North Ithilien/After Battle would also help both finding nodes, player interacts and server loads.”
  • PkCrichton asks: “Why is the Flower extract currency character bound instead of account bound? If it were account bound players could sit and gather with a single character and feel that they are helping any character that they have at that level. Similarly they could help their alts that are coming up spending Extracts on the non set bonus armor before getting set bonus armors for their newly leveled characters.”


Future Zones/Revamps

  • Cithryth asks: “Do you think we’ll get to participate in/experience/see The Scouring of the Shire? What kinds of challenges do you think you’d have to deal with to make that possible?”
  • Henry asks: “We got Dead Marshes, but what about Emyn Muil? I think its important place.”
  • Tim asks: “Are there plans to see Harad?”
  • Tirian asks: “Any chance that we’ll go North when we’re finished in the South? ie: the Gladden Fields and the Carrock properly fleshed out, Northern Mirkwood and Thranduil’s Halls, Dale, Esgaroth and the Lonely Mountain…”
  • Tim asks: “Are there plans to revamp older zones?”
  • Jimmy asks: “Will the new areas like Minas Tirith be optimized?”
  • Lsuman asks: “Is it likely that the Dead Marshes map will ever connect to the main landscape?”



  • Are there any plans for PvMP changes or balance?
  • William asks: “Will the Mordor Expansion be/contain a big new PvMP area?”


Bug Fixes

  • Gilnaure asks: “New dyes cause a few Wardrobe problems: items colored in Sunset Orange, for example, aren’t displayed in the Wardrobe, They appear only if the Sunset Orange filter option is chosen. Will it be fixed?”
  • Gilnaure asks: “There is a bug with a Gondorian Supplier Horn – the Supplier is summoned inside the horn. Will it be fixed?”


Cosmetic Changes

  • Teriadwyn asks: Is there a chance that we can get a “Copy Wardrobe” button on the character transfer screen, so that we can copy over just the wardrobe from server to server instead of having to transfer around all of the shared items?
  • Teriadwyn asks: Would it be possible to add war-steed cosmetic versions of rep horses?
  • Skogarfrost asks: Will there ever be a chance to change skin color and body in-game?
  • Skogarfrost asks: Can players have more hair/beard options, since the characters can be made with the 2007 set but a lot more styles came out during the years? ie: Rohirrim, Dunlendings, Gondorians…
  • Squirle asks: “Will the hairdresser ever be able to redo the the non-humanoid form of a beorning?”
  • Skogarfrost asks: Can players have more quivers? At least can we have all the quivers we currently see in-game? ie: Dunland, Rohan, Ithilien, Gondor, the rangers quiver…



  • Timur asks: “Is it possible to add to the sale of medium armor Faramir 100 level as a costume for appearance?”
  • Timur asks: “Will there be changes in prices for Turbine Points and VIP for Russia? Will regional prices? Thank you.”


Chat Questions

  • CableKnitDragon asks: “Is there a chance of adding an option in the settings to increase overall ui text?”
  • CableKnitDragon asks: “Can we please have an account-wide option for warsteed hides/dyes?”
  • Talyrion asks: “Concerning featured instances: How about an event, where a server can earn a featured instance for a week”



  • Jared asks: “After we finish up the Epic Quests and the Ring is destroyed, do you think there is any chance of returning to classes and content, hopefully improving them?”
  • Tim asks: “Will we maybe see a cinematic of the destruction of the ring or maybe session play?”
  • Tomeoric asks: “Crafting – any updates? I know there are more than a few crafters out there (me included), that would appreciate the ability to craft on-level, non-essence, guild recipe (teal) gear. The last time that was available was at 95, and we’re now at 105.”
  • Tirian asks: “The summer festival rewards were WAY too expensive – any chance of toning this down for next year?  Or returning the barter rate for Inn League/AA badges for festival tokens to its previous state?.”
  • Diogovpires asks: “Can you talk in more detail about the North Ithilien event coming in December? Is it just an increase of the drop rate of the phials or we’re going to see new barter options during that time to spend our phials on?”
  • Lsuman asks: “Can we get a consume all button for LI pills like we have for rep items?”
  • LOTROlove asks: “Could somebody give some information about the idea behind the extra tiers for MT defenders? We seem to be moving away from this faction and not a single useful barter item was added in relation to these tiers until now.”
  • Gagily asks: “Will there be any serious work towards improving connection with users that are far from datacenter? With datacenter move,many of us started having serious problems if not in closer location to it.”
  • Gagily asks: “Is it possible to get collection that will show all mounts,and not just having list of special ones?”
  • Gilnaure asks: “Will new quickslot bars be added?”
  • Gerhaltw asks: “What about kinship revamping? Any plans for it? Galuhad’s thread at forum with very interesting things about kinship revamp is more than 5 years old: https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthread.php?385713-Kinship-Revamp-Proposal!”


More Chat Questions

  • Baldigar asks: “What’s the thinking behind only making neighborhoods for housing, as opposed to individual instances for only a single player? It seems like it would be easier to make and modularly create more as needed. It would also allow for a lot more locations that aren’t out-of-the-way, which would probably have a lot of appeal for players to purchase them.”


Final Question

  • Is there anything else you would like to add?


Chat Questions

  • Branick asks: “How about the ability to purchase access to Freepside, for those of us who have purchased the content of the game and don’t get the value of a VIP sub.”


Game News

Update 19 Stream

Update 19 Delayed

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  • Streamed with Pineleaf and Cithryth
  • Slapped the lag out of Bludborn



  • Did second section of Ost Dunhoth with Mythgard Adventures
  • Watched Corey and his 8 year old son (level 13 guardian) stream (“See this star? It’s from the kingdom of Arnor.” “Nope” and “I’ll look after I kill this bear”)



  • Attended THE wedding.



  • The Academy Field Trip studied the wandering of Bill the Pony
  • My secondary warden on Landroval reached level 90 so I can finally use that level-90 spear I’ve been carrying for a while.
  • Later, when the same character was running Thangulhad, I had the ultimate misspawn.


News Beyond LOTRO

Tolkien Tribute: Lost Stanzas to: Bilbo’s Song of Farewell


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