LOTRO Players News Episode 169: Andang’s Hobby Horse


This week we talk about the Update 19 beta.

Game News

Update 19 Title Revealed

Belfalas Housing, North Ithilien, and Mordor – 2016 Producer’s Letter

North Ithilien – Update 19 Beta Videos

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LOTRO Players News

Community Events: September 23rd-29th

Guide: Restoring Regular Map Size with JRR UI Skins

Poems of the Pine: A Fellowship Endangered





  • Ran Sammath Gul as featured instance twice with two different groups…verrry interesting
  • Blood of the Black Serpent? DONE!! And I squeed at the end
  • Friday night Kin Open House pick up – BIG goof up on the Grand Stair (I needed Teri there)



  • Led the way through Galtrev questing with Sanswinda and Maven, including Sanswinda’s introduction to Rook.
  • RK and Sanswinda started Volume 4 and hit level 95 on their way through the epic story.
  • Arkenstone!Teri is moving fairly quickly through Eastern Rohan’s Volume 3, helped along by her light war-steed.



  • Participated in a field trip that studied giant turtles.
  • During a skirmish, I managed to face Brothers and a Courage Breaker at the same time.
  • Took a tour of the Cape of Belfalas housing area.


News Beyond LOTRO

Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide Review

Signum University Annual Fundraiser


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  1. Another great show! Thank you all! I would like to correct one thing Maven said in her this week in LOTRO. I was with her and Faervenen when we did the Black Serpent instance. It was me on my Cappy Linlen that “accidentally” (read inept tab selection) the second group of mobs in the Dog Boss area, not our Minstrel. I didn’t want Faervenen to be blamed unjustly… Having put the blame where it belongs, I will say, it lead to a lot of laughs, if wiping can ever be funny….

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