North Ithilien – Update 19 Beta Videos


Yesterday Turbine released the first build of the Update 19 Beta.

The Update adds the after-the-battle versions of Pelennor Fields and Osgiliath as well as the new zone of North Ithilien.

Update 19 also brings premium housing to the game in a new Cape of Belfalas housing area.

Update: Mithril upkeep is no longer required for a Premium House.

The update also contained the Mordor map, even though the landscape is not in the update.

Update: U19 also allows players to enter the after-the-battle version of Cair Andros.

Update: U19 brings in the Field of Cormallen to LOTRO.

Update: The Black Gate Revealed – Mordor Tease


  1. timhedden /

    Andang, I noticed a roving threat moving around in the north-eastern section of the Mordor map.

  2. Yeah, I can understand premium houses for mithrils. No problem with that. But upkeep for mithrils is very bad idea (specially with this prices). I suspect it will lower sale of those houses greatly, cause very few people will be interested.

  3. I agree, especially for such a high upkeep cost. 160 turbine points (or more, depending on the volume purchased) going down the drain every week, even when you’re not actively playing? Count me out.

  4. Arabany /

    Do not understand all that negative attitude to upkeep. Too much of it in the video imo. Subscribe and it will be free.

    How could one play the game without being a subscriber anyway? it’s very inconvenient. For just 10$ , or even less, per month you get a lot of advantages including 500 TP you could spend on something. Someone might fancy to farm tp day and night, but I’d better pay two beer priece and save my time:)

    • Personally, I like the fact that he is being brutally honest. Let’s face it, some of his videos can be a bit fan boi (you can only say “this is so amazing” so many times in one video). You’re ignoring the lack of integrity it takes Turbine to provide housing and upkeep for almost 10 years with in-game gold and then decide to charge actually money–all for a cash grab. Worse, the new housing is cut and paste, recycled textures and offers nothing to back up the title “premium”.

  5. A decade later, and they are considering introducing a more costly type of habitation to keep? why this is a good thing? is the same thing, just a different location and more space for decorations.

    And everything in the Gondor design resembles a tomb, is like living inside a tomb in Men Erain.

    Maybe improve the features of more types of decorations, giving more things to do inside the houses.

  6. MMOs are in a state of decay, there are games preparing to remove level restrictions, classes, so many potential “obstacles” to prevent a more smooth grind eXPerience, is the dawn of the decadence for this market.

    Lotro and DDO, like many titles from a decade ago, depending on the tech and costs, are going to do the possible, not the best.

    There is no hope for MMOs.

  7. There never was much hope. Just a fools hope c gandulf

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