LOTRO Players News Episode 166: Field of Screams


This week we talk about the possibility of an expansion and yearly raids. 

Game News

LOTRO’s Something ‘Big’ Is An Expansion

Turbine Currently Planning To Have Yearly Raids For LOTRO

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LOTRO Players News

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  • Helped Rohan prep for Helm’s Deep



  • 4 hour stream free to play in Moria’s Flaming Deeps.  Ran Great Stairs simply for Moria Medals for a cosmetic robe.



  • Got Crosser of Roads on Maevenn, my designated chicken
  • Saw the effect of what appears to be a temperance movement that has swept across The Shire plus pulled a bunch of stuff out of the pond for a silly hobbit
  • Ran both my level caps through the featured instance in pick ups with my kinnies, high point was 2 burgs with my LM



  • On the Academy field trip, we started questing in the Misties: killed bears, placed signs, and battled a giant or two.
  • On Crickhollow, I had three Star-it crystals drop in a single Tuckborough raid.
  • On Laurelin, I was preparing to run some skirmishes at level 104 when a fan presented me with a level-105 warden’s shield.



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  1. Barnabras /

    I can agree with the hunter love, but Burgs are in a much better place than previously. Prior to update 18.2 whenever a burg jumped me in the moors, it made me very happy. An invisible snack has appeared! But now with the new gear and ever increasing LIs Burgs are able to put out some very nasty DPS. Suddenly there is a lot more of them running around. Very disappointed not to hear any PvMP plans. The creeps are currently in a very bad place. Lots of players are getting frustrated. No point in healing because you are vaporized before you can even react.

    • Kaleigh Starshine /

      I am guessing the Burglar DPS is coming from the bug with the Pelennor armor that has the 4-pice set bonus of causing Aim to create a Devastating Critical hit rather than an ordinary critical hit. The bug is caused if you use this with a bleed attack, which causes every pulse to be a Devastating Critical as well, which is not supposed to be the case. With Burglars, Cunning Attack from stealth is a big hit made even greater by this bug.

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