Poems of the Pine: The Prince of Rohan


Pinesong on Stage

We bid farewell to the Grey Company and follow the Prince of Rohan.

Book 5 – The Prince of Rohan

We bade farewell
To the band in grey
To follow the Riders
Of Rohan south.
Their prince planned
A piercing strike
At the orcs awaiting
In Orthanc’s depths.
But a trap was set
To trick the Mark
Into striking a keep
Too strong to take.
An army of orcs
From Orthanc sprang
To thrash thoroughly
Théodred Prince.
Bravely we fought
Till fell our prince
As death was dealt to the Mark.
We survived his fall
When friends arrived
And the orcs quit the crossing.

Now that we are at the ford into Rohan, we can go right in. Right?

Pineleaf Needles

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