Turbine Reaches Out to the LOTRO Community


The LOTROCommunity forums are typically referred to as the unofficial forums for LOTRO.  It is a place where LOTRO players feel they can speak more freely about their opinions of the game.  In the past, this community has been avoided by LOTRO’s community managers.

However, last week LOTRO’s new Community Manager posted on the LOTROCommunity forums.

“Hello! I wanted to create an account here just to introduce myself, and see what’s going on. I know there’s been some animosity between the community folks and this forum in the past, but AFAIK it didn’t involve me (much?), so I figure this new era of sorts is a good time to say hello. I’m the current Community Manager for LOTRO and DDO (and to the extent AC is still supported, Asheron’s Call.) I’m an old-school gamer and pen and paper nerd. Ask me about my THACO!


There’s a lot of work to do in the LOTRO community in the coming weeks, and I plan to do it. If you have a short bullet-list of what you feel is most important for the community (not development, that’s a different thing), lemme know.” – Cordovan

The LOTRO community seems to be reacting positively to Cordorvan’s post.

“That is amazing you posted here. I am impressed. Thank you. A lot of us here have a deep love of Lotro.” – nosam9

“Thanks for taking the time (and the leap of faith) to engage with us over here!” – Fredelas

LOTRO Players was able to confirm the validity of Cordovan’s post and obtain the following statement:

“I’ve been working in recent weeks to take a holistic look at the entirety of the LOTRO community, and I want to reach out to as many people as I can. Introducing myself to the LOTROCommunity folks was just me wanting to get a better understanding of their concerns, and seeing if there are some things I can do to address it.” – Cordovan

Cordovan has continued to write on the LOTROCommunity forums since his original post last week.


  1. Barnabras /

    Never even new this existed. Are you saying it is an even deeper cesspool of negativity than the regular forums?

  2. WOW this is a great step forward. I arrived relatively late to the LOTRO party and I think the LOTRO community shine had started to wane. Don’t get me wrong it was then shining brightly, it still now is an inspirational force to be reckoned with but it is far from the multi-connected happy family it had once been 🙂

    Any attempt at stimulating interaction between the many diverse LOTRO community groupings can only be praised 🙂

    Because of its ‘mature’ nature (age not content!) of LOTRO it has led to the creation of many diverse groups with varying opinions and points of view upon almost all aspects of the game… finding a common thread and unifying them all maybe impossible but at least approaching them and starting the conversation is amazingly positive 🙂

    There are so many creative LOTRO blogs, websites, resources out there, some may have gone to sleep but are still useful and incredible informative. Having others to share creative gaming ideas, not always even always LOTRO ones, I always found so inspiring and many a time it incentivated me back into LOTRO to try something new or different.

    Their creativity, leads to our creativity which can be feedback into of our LOTRO gaming 

    • ‘not always even always LOTRO ones, I always found so ‘…I always use ‘always’ too much!

  3. Rabbitses /

    So no more Frelorn huh?

    • Thimbur /

      No, he was let go in the recent lay-offs, apparently.

      Shortly after Cordovan took over, all the spam disappeared from the forums as well (at least, I’m no longer seeing it).

  4. Kalimac /

    Too little, too late.

    For the sake of Tolkien fans everywhere, just put the game (such as it is) out of its misery, and give another company a chance to try to do a better job with the IP. LOTRO may have started out as a good game, but that train sailed when it went Free to Play. I’d rather see it die than continue living in such a horribly awful brain-dead condition. Players deserve a better game…even the ones with Stockholm Syndrome.

    • May be you should ask Tolkien fans first? LOTRO is the best Middle-Earth game and one of the best MMORPGs. Considering that no big MMORPGs are in development anymore only trollish moron (ones with Idiotic Hater Syndrome) could demand to shutdown such a great game.

      • Champ Kind /

        As a Tolkien fan who joined LOTRO during beta way back in 2007, I agree wholeheartedly that it needs to be shut down. It’s an absolutely horrible game today, and has been so since Warner Brothers turned it into a free to play WoW clone. There are more people playing on one WoW server right now than there are playing on every single LOTRO server combined, and that includes freebies and premiums. LOTRO may be able to claim the title of the best Middle Earth MMO, but only because it’s the only one that’s ever been made. As a Tolkien fan and a gamer, I want that to change. I want the license to be pulled from Turbine and sold to some other developer….ANY other developer. LOTRO may have almost been one of the best MMORPGs 9 years ago, but today it is unquestionably one of the worst. It’s certainly not the best Lord of the Rings video game…there are 20 year old DOS games that have more gameplay value than LOTRO.

        And I’ve got news for you, Yakov. The overwhelming majority of Tolkien fans agree, because the overwhelming majority of Tolkien fans stopped playing LOTRO years ago….along with everyone else.

    • Sparge /

      I see that LOTRO has a “Hater”. I will put it as simple as it can be….Don’t like this game as much as I love it, LEAVE IT and I ( and many many others) will continue to enjoy. Get a STEPPING we don’t your Negativity.

  5. It’s THAC0, not THACO. ^^

  6. Tinybel /

    Well I’ll get hate for this lol. I think it is nice that Cordovan posted on lotrocommunity, the ban on that was completely ridicoulous.
    There is some good and reasonable people on that site, like Fredelas which Sapience banned Imo for no reason at all but spite.
    But the site is also a cesspool of complete maniacs.
    And don’t get me wrong I’m a complete drunkard that loves screwed up stuff, but the people and conspiracy theories floating around there are way out even beyond me sometimes.
    So I don’t know I guess I’m mixed on this ?

  7. Tinybel /

    Besides Cordovan is basically Sapience for the DDO Community site (Anger Magnet)

  8. Tinybel /

    The banning of Fredelas was basically my queue to stay out of both those site seriously, gee it was like the white house and the Kreml back in the 70s.

  9. Tinybel /

    Thorwyn99 over there btw if anyone cares


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