LOTRO Players News Episode 160: Branding Andang


This week we talk about Weatherstock and LOTRO’s future.

Game News

Turbine Planning Something ‘Big’ for Mordor

Summer Festival from July 21st-August 4th

Store Sales

Free Sample Of The Week July 22nd – 28th

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LOTRO Players News

Weatherstock VIII LOTRO Stream

Community Events: July 22nd-28th

Poll: Did You Like the Bingo Boffin Storyline?

LOTRO Academy: 129 – Skirmish Camps

Letters to My brother Pt. 6

Letters to My Brother Interlude 1

Letters to my Brother Pt. 7

Small LOTRO Adventures – Episode 60! Bingo’s Farewell Party

The Family Line Part 101 – Into Shadow

Critters Journey [32] Feast with a Daisy





  • Continued to gear up my new RK and ran several of RC t2c and the new instances.
  • Helped kinnies with Limlight quests and Roots of Fangorn t2c
  • Grind, grind, grind.



  • Rebranded myself



  • Flew a kite
  • Found the lost temple
  • Fixed Moria’s plumbing in the Water Works.



  • Got splatted in the Lost Temple.
  • Saryssa is still not over her gambling addiction from last year’s Summer Festival, with similar results. Also, /dance_hobbit4
  • Rolled a burglar on Evernight, also named Saryssa.



  • My minstrel reached level 76 and completed the Dunland part of the epic.
  • Brandy warden reached level 101 and completed the Western Gondor epic.
  • Gladden Beorning reached level 101 and completed the Western Gondor epic.


Questions in the Dark

Pineleaf gives us some really tough ones this week.


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Barnabras left a comment on last week’s episode of LOTRO Players News:

The Watcher is def a dude. It lives alone, the place is a mess, it stinks. And it is hostile to anyone wearing a ring.


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